Top 4 running shoe brands, and a few tips to consider while buying shoes

Top 4 running shoe brands, and a few tips to consider while buying shoes

The optimal running shoe cannot be determined by rigid criteria. Everyone’s ideal running shoes differ according to their needs. However, people frequently judge their shoes using more negative than favorable criteria. Or, to put it in another way, they discuss what their shoes don’t do rather than what they do. In this article, let’s discuss a few tips to consider while buying shoes and some of the best running shoes to go for:

How to select the perfect running shoes?
The fundamental parameter based on which you should choose your perfect running shoe is comfort. But why settle for less when you deserve to have more? Besides, your convenience will be determined by several other factors, which you must look for in your ideal running shoes. Primarily, you should focus on the following five aspects:

The running surface
Not all shoes are suitable for all surfaces. Some running shoes are ideal for roads, some for gravels and trail paths, and others exclusively for the gym. For roads, you need lightweight and flexible shoes; for gravels and rocks, you require shoes with more prominent lugs; for gyms, you need shoes with more surface contact. Thus, a lot depends on what kind of runner you are.

Cushioning pertains to how much impact your shoes can absorb. It has two aspects: The firmness and density of the foam in the midsole and the stack height, i.e., how thick the shoe material is between the ground and your feet. Your cushioning preferences may vary from no cushioning at the midsole to get the full impact from each step to extra-cushioning for little to no impact at all.

Drop is the extent to which the cushioning of your forefoot differs from that of your heel area. Most running shoes have a drop of 8 to 12 millimeters. It ensures that your heels have an extra cushion and you land first on your heels each time you take a step. This helps you to feel the maximum impact of your strides. Other shoes have a zero drop providing an equal amount of cushioning to your foot, securing a midfoot landing. Here, the impact of your stride tends to be low.

It determines how much support you will receive from your shoes during the journey of your heels striking the ground to your toes going off as you take the next stride.

Your shoes must fit you perfectly from heel to toe with no breaks.

Top 4 Running Shoe Brands
Based on the parameters mentioned above, here are the top four brands designing running shoes you can trust with your eyes closed.

One of the oldest manufacturers, Brooks, primarily manufactures sporting equipment. Founded by Morris Goldenberg and Arthur Goldenberg in 1914, Canada, Brooks has now acquired a global name.
Brooks’ collection of shoes is notable for providing superior protection to your feet, regardless of how fit you are. The grip of the heels is stellar, with cushioning that is made to last. Brooks uses 3D legs, making the shoe ideal for roads and gravels. The reason why Brooks is so famous in the market is that the brand has something for everyone. It does not matter if you are an ordinary runner or a sportsman. Some of its most talked-about styles include:

Brooks Ricochet 2
Brooks Launch 7
Brooks Glycerin GTS 19
Brooks Hyperion Elite 2
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Lastly, the brand expends all its energy and resources solely on running shoes and apparel manufacturing. No other sports features on its priority list. Therefore, you will have yours exclusively designed for the sport.

Established in 1964, Nike is one of the most trusted brands in the market. It is so well received that you will find its name almost everywhere. From baseball diamonds to fashion runways, athletes- amateurs and professionals, seem to love sporting Nike shoes and sportswear.

Nike’s journey of manufacturing athletic shoes began in 1971. Their first running shoe was Cortez. Since then, Nike has been at the top of its game. Their lightweight and breathable uppers, cushioned soles, and intricately designed lacing provide the right support and stability. Some of the popular styles of Nike athletic shoes include:

Roshe run
Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2
Zoom X Vapofly
Free RN Distance
Air Zoom Structure 23
Air Zoom Pegasus

Established in 1949 as Onitsuka Co Ltd” in Japan, ASICS is a multinational company specializing in manufacturing sports equipment. It reached the country through Bill Bowerman and Phile Knight, the Nike founders. With its stylish designs, gel cushioning, and scientifically designed shock absorption mechanisms, it soon became one of the top players in the field. Some of its most well-received models include:

GEL-Nimbus 23
GEL-DS Trainer
GEL-Kayano 27
GT 2000

Adidas is a German company that began its journey in 1949. With its Primeknit+ uppers, 3D printed, cushioned soles, and a precise instep curve, Adidas is a runner’s favorite. Not to forget its beautiful finish and the amount of comfort it provides. Some of the most popular Adidas running shoe models are:

Ultraboost 20
Adizero Adios Pro
Adidas Solarboost 3

Even though there is no ideal running shoe for everyone, specific brands are exclusively devoted to catering to the needs of the sport. The brands mentioned above are some of them. Their premium designs and materials can take care of your footwear needs well.