Top 10 hacks for a successful Cyber Monday experience

Top 10 hacks for a successful Cyber Monday experience

Also known as Blue Monday, Cyber Monday is the day after Thanksgiving weekend. It is a shopping extravaganza considered the biggest shopping day in the country. It comes on the heels of Black Friday and is an online event where sellers offer exciting deals and discounts. However, this can make shoppers overspend or buy more things than they need. So, a few hacks can help you avoid mistakes and make the most of Cyber Monday.

Compare prices

Avoid diving right into the first deal you see on Cyber Monday. Comparing the prices and checking the original price beforehand will help you get the best possible deals. By using a price comparison app or website, you can find retailers offering the lowest prices. Try collating the information for the products you need in one place. You could include site descriptions, product links, and discounts and keep updating your list.

Shop in private mode

You leave your digital footprint whenever you shop or browse through a retailer’s website. Retailers can easily keep a tab on your browsing and purchasing behavior. That is, you should shop in incognito mode. This can make you eligible for deals that might be otherwise inaccessible to someone with your browsing history.

Create accounts on retailer’s apps

Sometimes, certain brands and retailers offer better deals and early bird discounts to people who have accounts on their websites. If a brand you like offers similar, create an account on their website or application beforehand.

Plan your spending

As lots of offers and deals are rolled out on sale days, shoppers may give in to impulse purchases and end up overspending. So, the first rule of Cyber Monday shopping is to plan your purchases. You should make sure you stick to the budget or limit you set, as this will help you spend what you can afford and protect your finances.

Resist upselling

During Cyber Monday sales, retailers try to outdo each other by trying to tempt consumers. They may persuade shoppers to get add-ons, upgrades, or go for high-end products to encourage people to spend more. So, you should resist these offers and get what you need, as convincing as the upselling techniques may seem. This is the best way to avoid stretching your holiday shopping budget.

Use cashback apps

Who doesn’t like getting money back while shopping? Using cashback/rewards apps or even a rewards credit card can significantly reduce your cost of shopping. Some apps and extensions automatically add coupon codes to your order and help you get better deals o.

Start early

Some Cyber Monday deals start during the wee hours of the morning, and you should be ready with your setup and get online if you want to shop intelligently and find the best deals. Sleep early the day before and set your alarm to start shopping as soon as the sale goes live.

Avoid suspicious sites

You should protect your online identity while shopping and prevent malicious attacks on your financial data. So, be wary of sites with dubious security policies. Also, look for SSL certificates and Verisign domain security. This will safeguard you from spoofing and other cybercrimes.

Look at past year’s sales and offers

Even though brands may not repeat the previous year’s offers, looking at the last season’s deals can give an idea of the deals you can expect this year. This can help you make your shopping list and avoid overspending later on.

Follow your favorite brands on social media

Keeping up with the social media handles of the brands you like not just helps you in knowing all their promotions but also helps you get additional benefits. This is because some retailers reward people who follow and share their posts.

From getting better deals to ensuring that you do not exceed your shopping budget, these hacks will help you make the most of Cyber Monday. So, go on and shop to your heart’s content this holiday season.