Top 10 Black Friday smartphone offers to expect in 2022

Top 10 Black Friday smartphone offers to expect in 2022

Black Friday is the ideal time to upgrade your current smartphone to save some money. Multiple offers include discounts on Android and iPhone models, and fantastic prices on many other brands. So surely take advantage of any deals you find because, once they’re gone, you might not have another opportunity to purchase your most desired handset. So, here’s a list of last year’s offers to help you plan and decide what to buy and avoid.

Google Pixel 5a with 5G
Google’s Black Friday sale featured the Pixel 5a with 5G for $399 last year. Most of the fantastic photographic experiences seen on the expensive Google Pixel 6 are available on the Pixel 5a with 5G, along with stock Android experience, dependable rear fingerprint sensor, and high water resistance. For less than $400, the Pixel 5a with 5G offers good battery life, 5G connectivity, and more.

OnePlus 9
One of the newest cell phones with the maximum features is the OnePlus 9. It is available in various attractive colors, and base models offer 128GB storage. It also features a fantastic camera system, a 6.5-inch stunning display, and 5G-ready. At the Black Friday sales, you might get it for $600 or even less, same as last year.

Motorola Moto Razr 5G
Retro enthusiasts should get this folding mobile because of its strikingly thoughtful design and good specs. With 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 765G, which runs the show and powers 5G connectivity, has plenty of power to operate smoothly. You might get it this holiday season for $800 or less.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (AT&T)
The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first foldable reasonable phone, and last year, Walmart Black Friday deals included a $500 gift card with purchase. It boasts a sizable internal foldable display, a notification cover display, and robust hardware.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
This model was widely considered the best smartphone. Even though the cost was reduced by $200, nearly every component has been enhanced from the previous year, including camera capability, display technology, etc.

Nokia 8.3 5G
This brand was previously on top in the global smartphone market, and is trying to restore its reputation. The device comes with 128GB of inbuilt storage expandable to 1TB. You should take advantage of Best Buy’s deals if you’re eager to get one, which last year reduced the smartphone’s original $700 price on Black Friday.

iPhone 12 64GB
This iPhone 12 offer might not significantly reduce the cost of owning the phone, but it is still one of the most outstanding phones you can buy. The $350 Walmart eGift card with it can significantly improve the offer. Be it experimenting with 4K video or wanting an iPhone’s simple, add-free design and security, it is still a worthy purchase.

Google Pixel 6
Tensor, Google’s first-ever CPU, is what powers the Pixel 6. It uses a Personal Safety app and a specialized chip to safeguard your privacy, and is quick, clever, and secure. Wide and ultrawide lenses are included in a 50MP camera system. For less than $500, it will be a fantastic Black Friday deal.

Motorola Edge
The Android operating system is generally standard on Motorola’s smartphones, but some extra features boost the device’s functionality. The Motorola Edge 2021 model is anticipated to go for a reasonably affordable $599.99, with 256GB of internal storage and stylish Nebula Blue hue.

OnePlus Nord N200 5G
One of the finest 5G phone deals is the OnePlus Nord N200, especially at Best Buy’s unlocked discount pricing. This phone offers advanced features such as a 90Hz display, even if it isn’t the most powerful one. You may purchase this mobile for as little as $200 this Black Friday.

Although there are plenty of deals on Black Friday, when it comes to specific categories such as phones, it might be best to act fast before they are gone.