Things That Make Home Look Messy and Hacks to Deal With It

Things That Make Home Look Messy and Hacks to Deal With It

Home renovation does not necessarily mean hiring contractors and spending a lot of money. However, it need not be as easy as hanging framed pictures and relying solely on seasonal decorations. Instead, the focus should be on identifying the best hacks that have a significant impact and upgrade the appearance of your home’s walls and furniture. This article discusses simple hacks for home upgradation. Read on to learn more about home upgradation.

What makes your home look untidy?
Before discussing some of the best home improvement hacks, let’s take a quick look at some things that may make your home look cluttered.

Too many accessories
When you have a few pieces tastefully displayed, it makes the place looks classy. However, when there are too many décor pieces stacked along each other, they make your home look overwhelming.

Items not in their place
Often there are small things that keep floating about the house. Though small, things like keys, purses, and shoes make homes look messier. This also includes laundry piled up in different rooms.

Cables and cords
An increasing number of appliances being used at home, like smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets, also bring with them various cords. All these cables tangled together and lying in heaps make your home look messier.

Papers and magazines
Stacks of papers and magazines left out in different places, especially your tables, make your home look cluttered. They should be removed regularly and put away in baskets.

Too much furniture
Too many furniture pieces, especially oversized ones, make your home look unkempt and smaller. Removing those pieces that you don’t use will solve this problem.

Open shelves
Open shelves with all the items peeking out make the space look shabby. The best way to avoid this is to choose organizers with closed shelves to make the place look neater.

6 hacks to improve your home
Your house is one of the biggest and most important assets that you will own. Taking care of it is a priority and will help you live well but keeping up with the repairs and improvements may increase its value over time.

Here are some of the best clean-up hacks for home improvement that you can start using today:
Paint a room
One of the best ways to upgrade your home instantly is to give it a pop of color. A fresh coat of new color uplifts your mood, livens up the room, and may even increase your home value. You need not hire a contractor for this, but need to plan properly. Start by shortlisting the colors. Understand what will go with the rest of your house. Get samples and test them.

Pick the right tools like a paint roller, paint tray, drop cloths, painter’s tape, putty knife, etc. Next, prep the room and the walls and start painting. Make sure you work from the top of the walls and make your way down. Let the paint dry for at least 48 hours, clean up, and enjoy the brand-new room.

Make your home energy-efficient
With the soaring energy costs, every homeowner feels the pinch on their electricity bills. Here are some simple DIY energy-efficient home improvements that you can look into:

One of the best ways to make your appliances consume less energy is to clean them regularly. Using a simple dustpan and brush will do the trick.

Another great home improvement clean-up hack is to keep your refrigerator coils clean. When dirt and debris accumulate on them, they cannot release the heat efficiently and rack up your energy bills.

Create an outdoor seating area
If you have a minimalistic house space, you may want to expand your outdoor area to give it a beautiful upgrade. Here are some simple hacks for your patio or backyard to consider:

Find flexible and minimalist garden furniture and avoid heavy furniture pieces. You can choose bar stools, chairs, and tables that can be stacked atop each other to save space.

Don’t have much ground space? No worries. Use climbing plants instead. Add them to your garden fence to add colors and eye-soothing greenery to your space.

Taking things off the ground when the space is limited works well. For instance, you can make your fence work like a vertical garden and use it to display plants, accessories, and even your drink holders.

Clean your outdoors
Home improvements are never limited to just your indoor areas. Cleaning outdoor spaces make your home look more beautiful and organized.

Start with keeping your garden gutters clean. Channels clogged with leaves and debris can make any place shabby and flood your foundation with excess water.

Using a leaf filter or gutter brush to guard the gutter can easily do the trick. They are available in different sizes to fit channels of all shapes and dimensions and do the job well.

Cover the floors
Did you know that your floors make up the largest visible space in your house? Covering your bare floors is a simple yet great way to improve your home. Whether you have classic hardwood flooring or modern laminate flooring, covering them up with carpets or rugs changes the entire appeal of the space.

Ranging from animal prints to geometric stripes, there are plenty of options. They add a beautiful pop of color, making the floor comfortable and warm. They also cover up the cracks or changes in color without you having to hire foundation repair experts.

Redesign your windows
One design feature that we often neglect is our windows. Windows do not just add a beautiful design element, but slight modifications also allow for a simple yet effective home improvement.

Windows let out a lot of heat during winter. To prevent this, consider adding glazing to your windows. Alternatively, replace the plain glass of your window with a thicker one to prevent the loss of warmth. You can also use stylish shades to prevent loss of heat and give your place a chic upgrade at the same time.