Mattresses for back pain – Choosing one and top options

Mattresses for back pain – Choosing one and top options

There can be several reasons for constant back pain; surgery, injury, or an uncomfortable sleeping position. Whatever the source, it can keep you awake all night. Luckily, the solution is pretty simple if it is the third problem. All you have to do is change your mattress! A good mattress will ensure you are supported throughout the night, ensuring good quality sleep. However, before choosing the right mattress, note salient points such as:

How to select a good mattress for back pain?
Firstly, and most importantly, one must take into account that all the best mattresses take the proverb “Comfort is the key” seriously, and ensure that specific points like the back, shoulders, and buttocks are not strained due to lack of support. Besides this, a so-called rule of thumb espouses that however good your mattress may be, you must get rid of it every ten years. But before you run to the market for mattress shopping, a consultation with your health professional is highly recommended.

Once you are sure of the structural requirements of your back, mattress shopping will no longer be a confusing affair for you. Also, the results will be far more fruitful than if you rushed to the market uninformed about the guidelines for mattress shopping. If you are searching for a new mattress to ease your constant back pain, here are certain basic things you must consider while looking at the product you intend to choose:

Sleeping position
Your sleeping posture is vital for selecting a good mattress. It is because the position in which you sleep determines which parts of your body receive the highest amount of pressure. Assume you sleep on your back all the time; you will need a mattress to ease the stress on your lower back. If you sleep on your side, you will need a mattress that cushions around the shoulders and hip.

In most cases, you will be required to select a firm mattress to ease your back pain. But how firm? That is something your body weight will decide. According to studies, the firmness of your mattress is directly proportional to your body weight. That is to say, the more you weigh, the firmer your bed mattress should be. Yet, a lot depends on your sleeping position as it differs from person to person. Furthermore, the kind of back pain you experience will determine the level of firmness you need. If you experience upper back pain, a medium-firm mattress will suffice, and if the pain is in your lower back, the bed mattress should be as firm as possible.

When it comes to your back, there is no one perfect material that will suit everyone equally. For instance, according to popular perception, memory foam accompanied by a firm core is an ideal material for bed mattresses. But it is often neglected to mention that memory foam can deform and affect sensitive areas. Then, there are hybrid mattresses that provide different levels of firmness on each side. These are incredibly supportive and capable of providing the comfort you seek. Lastly, there are springs, which, despite being old-fashioned, can provide the necessary support when accompanied by foam.

Top mattresses for back pain
Having understood the basics of mattress shopping, here are a few top mattresses for back pain:

When it comes to versatility, Helix Dusk has hardly any competition. Each of their mattresses has been designed keeping your sleeping preferences and styles in mind. They also provide you with a quiz to find the best match. If you have back pain, you can opt for Helix products with confidence as its multiple foam layers with different densities take the shape of your body and provide pressure relief at critical points. In terms of firmness, it is moderate, not too rigid, or too plush.

If you are a back sleeper, WinkBed is just what you need. According to different research studies, your other joints like hips, shoulders, and knees receive less pressure when you sleep on your back. Consequently, you require a firmer mattress to ensure an even distribution of your weight against your back and additional support for the curve of your back. With its inner springs and a hybrid design combining foam, WinkBed ensures that your lower back receives the proper support to maintain its natural curve and not lose its alignment by dipping into the mattress.

If you experience frequent spasms in your back and feel bad spinal alignment is the cause, Nectar is the answer to all your issues. It is medium-firm and is made with specialized foam layers with an adaptive memory. Consequently, it focuses on relieving stress from the specific pressure points, namely those beneath the shoulders, hips, and legs, for better spinal alignment.

In conclusion
Mattress shopping entails considering several factors: the material of the mattress, your sleeping posture, firmness, and so on. Even though the bed mattresses mentioned above are currently the most trusted in the market, the one best suited to your back will depend on your individual needs and wants. So, it would be best to consult a doctor to clarify your structural requirements and only then dive into mattress shopping.