Latest beauty and fashion trends to check out

Latest beauty and fashion trends to check out

With changing seasons, comes new fashion and beauty trends, and each of these trends reflects the mood of the season. However, this year, beauty and fashion trends have taken a whole new turn. From bleached eyebrows to bold-glossy lips, from colossal platform heels to bold monochrome shades, 2022 has something for everyone. Here are some top beauty and fashion trends you must be aware of to style your outfits in 2022:

Loose layers
Fashion is not merely about the latest trends. It is about comfort as well. However, what if you could combine both? Fortunately, 2022 is all about baggy, loose-fitting denim puffers and jackets with stylish prints. Furthermore, the designs are gender neutral, exhibiting the progressive mood of the year.

Baggy jeans
As mentioned earlier, 2022 is all about comfort and gender-neutrality. So, how can one neglect the comfort of baggy jeans? However, far from being limited to just comfort, baggy jeans are also known for their flexibility and versatility. You can combine them with underrated tank tops, simple T-shirts and blazers, or corset tops paired with jackets. They will surely give you a laid-back, practical, and fun appearance.

Exquisite one-piece dresses
Seasons change, years go by, but exquisite one-piece dresses never go out of fashion. The only things that vary are their colors, textures, and designs. Otherwise, they are every woman’s go-to option for formal occasions like weddings or informal events like dates and casual outings. The fact that they are versatile spares you the perils of rummaging in your wardrobe. Furthermore, they can make you look elegant, light, and beautiful, no matter the occasion.

Daytime sparkles
Embellishments tend to not only enhance your outfits but also make you look vibrant. Whether a formal office look or a casual chic appearance, daytime sparkles infuse life into your attire. Some of the exquisite accessories you must have in your wardrobe to style your outfits include:

Everyday earrings like crystal studs or huggie hoops
Statement earrings like Chandeliers, hoops, multi-colored gems, tassels, pearls, etc.
Long necklaces with pendants
Bangle bracelets
Diamond rings

Bold graphic eyes
This particular beauty trend has emerged due to people’s need to highlight the face regions not concealed by masks. Some of the most notable styles of this beauty trend include blue and neon green eyeliner with colossal eyes, eyes from brow to lashes in a metallic hue, thick black wings, and many more.

Bleached eyebrows
2022 has brought with it the revival of several fashion and beauty trends. The bleached eyebrow trend is just one of them. It initially emerged in the 1990s to give an otherworldly appearance to the models. It is one of the very few trends that makeup artists love as it tends to enhance various elaborate eye makeup styles. Also, it challenges the bushy brow trend that has been on the fashion scene for some time. It is undoubtedly a follow-worthy beauty trend to stand out from the crowd.

Glossy lips
After two years of hiding your lips under masks, 2022 has brought with it the bold glossy lip trend and, this time, much more vigor. Swipe your lips with the most vibrant colors to make heads turn. If you find it confusing to decide which shade will suit you, observe your skin undertones and choose lip shades with cooler or warmer tones.

Towering platform heels
One of the most pleasant surprises 2022 has offered is that it has brought back one of the most popular trends of the 1990s-the platform heels. Women have abandoned their sophisticated, delicate heels for these comfy foam platforms. However, this comeback has manifested with a twist. Their versatility makes these platforms different from those of the 90s era. There are boots, sandals, ankle-strap pumps, flip-flops, mules & clogs, and many more. Besides that, some of these platforms are much higher than those of the 90s.

The fashion shows this year have been dominated by bright colors. However, the one color that has made several heads turn is the vibrant orange. While some people may find orange too intimidating, specifically those who prefer neutral colors, adding a tinge of this magnificent hue to your wardrobe can make it look more youthful and livelier.

Fuchsia fever
2022 seems to be all about bright colors like orange or pink. While the color pink also dominated the year 2016, this time it is fuchsia fever, with models and celebrities flaunting this rose-quartz hue in fashion parades and award functions. The specialty of this hue is that it infuses life into almost everything. A slight tinge of this regal shade can make everything look vibrant, be it shoes, bags, hats, office attire, or casual attire.

Giant bags
Among all fashion accessories, bag trends are the most fluctuating. While mini bags dominated last season, this season seems to be about sturdy, large totes. However, sturdy, oversized bags never go out of fashion due to their flexibility and practicality. They are not only stylish but also essential for carrying our daily requirements. They can do wonders to enhance our everyday outfits with a touch of some bright colors.

Setting your style statement
Try these top beauty and fashion trends to align your attire and makeup with the mood of the season. You can also apply some of your creativity to assert your unique identity amidst the crowd and set a style statement of your own.