Here’s how to find the best sunglasses based on face shapes

Here’s how to find the best sunglasses based on face shapes

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for whenever one steps outside, especially on a sunny day. A good pair protects the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. However, choosing the best glasses requires a bit of consideration. For starters, one must understand the dimensions of their face and its shape to find the accessory that compliments their features. So, here is all one should know about choosing sunglasses according to the face shape:

Checking the size
To understand the shape of the face, one must first determine its size, which can be measured in two ways: using a card or a measuring tape. If one chooses a measuring tape, they must take the following steps:

– Measure the face from one cheekbone to another

– Figure out if the chin is rounded or sharp

– Evaluate the length of the face, starting from the forehead to the chin

– Measure the width of the forehead

If using a card—a credit or debit card, here is what one should do:

– Stand in front of a mirror

– Hold the card vertically and place one of the tips in alignment with the center of the nose

– Place the other tip toward the edge of the eye

– One can consider their face small if the card goes beyond the corner of the eye. When one has a medium-sized face, the card may touch the corner of the eye. But if the card does not reach the corner, then they have a large face.

Popular types of sunglasses
Aviators: One of the most popular sunglasses types, aviators typically work well with all kinds of outfits. But, if one is aiming for a classy and chic look, they can opt for these oversized frames as they make for an excellent accessory.

Round framed: Just like aviators, round glasses can work wonders for all kinds of face shapes. But one must remember that this shape works best for casual outfits such as cargo pants, jeans, and tee shirts.

Cat eye: If one wants an effortlessly stylish and quirky look, they can choose cat eye sunglasses. The look can be further enhanced by tinted lenses and colorful frames. But if one wants a subtle look, they must pick cat eye sunglasses with thinner, metallic, neutral-colored frames.

Some of the other popular types of frames are geometric, brow bar, clip-on, keyhole bridge, and browline sunglasses.

Sunglasses according to face shape
Oval shape: Those with an oval face shape typically have a longer face length—the distance from the top of the forehead to the chin is longer than the distance between the ears. Further, the chin here is rounded and the cheekbones may cover most of the face. So, when choosing the best sunglasses for oval faces, one must consider oversized frames. Some of the best types that work for oval face cuts are cat eye frames and aviators.

Heart shape: Generally, heart-shaped faces are characterized by wide foreheads. Here, the jawline becomes narrower towards the end, making the chin protrude to resemble the bottom of a heart. If one finds it difficult to determine if they have a heart-shaped face, then they can try to image an inverted triangle. Additionally, one of the best features here is the high cheekbones. So, to highlight them, those with heart-shaped faces can choose small frames that have a narrow bridge. One can also opt for teardrop sunglasses to avoid covering the cheekbones.

Round shape: In most cases, the length and width of round-shaped faces are approximately the same. But the face can be wide across the cheekbones. In addition, people with round faces may have a narrow jawline and forehead. So, one can go for oversized sunglasses like aviators and cat eyes. These can help enhance the face shape. One can go a step further and opt for angular or rectangular frames to offset the roundness of the face. It is best to avoid rounded edges and thicker frames.

Square shape: Typically, people with a square face have sharp features that are extremely well-defined. So, they may have wide cheekbones, a strong and angled jaw, and a broad forehead. If one wishes to turn these features into focal points, they can pick oversized sunglasses. If not, one can select a pair that either has rimless edges or soft lines to counter the sharp lines and soften the face. Alternatively, oval or round frames can help define the brows and make the cheekbones pop.

Triangular shape: Generally, this shape is the complete opposite of a heart-shaped one and can be considered bottom-heavy. This means one would have a narrow forehead, a long face, and a wide jaw. While the shade of the sunglasses may depend on factors such as skin tone, personal taste, and hairstyle, frames with broad upper halves can be an ideal choice for this face cut. If one wishes to experiment with their look, they can try cat eyes. However, frameless glasses can be a go-to choice for those with triangular faces.

In addition to the face shape and size, one must consider two important factors—fit and taste—before buying sunglasses. So, while a pair works for one person, it might not look good on others. This is because one should consider how the glasses sit on their face, the features they want to highlight, and their personal sense of style. So, it is important to carefully pick and try on different types of frames before finalizing one. Further, one should consider investing in good quality lenses that cater to their needs. So, one should see if they want high-index plastic, polarized, mirrored, or polycarbonate lenses. Each type offers its own range of benefits. So, a key step is to consider their daily activities, style, and face shape when choosing a pair of sunglasses.