Avoid these 5 smartphone habits

Avoid these 5 smartphone habits

For most people, it is next to impossible to get through the day without using smartphones at least a few times. You need to make calls, check updates on the go, and even use smart navigation systems on your phone. But some smartphone habits can severely hamper productivity, affect your health, and may make you overly dependent on the gadget. So, here are five smartphone habits to keep in check:

Using an alarm app
Using your phone as an alarm clock might seem completely harmless. After all, apps on the phone let you set multiple alarms. But it never stops at hitting the snooze or dismiss button once you wake up. You will be tempted to check your phone for messages and social media, which will delay getting out of bed. Opt for a conventional alarm clock and keep your phone away from you at night to avoid checking anything after getting up.

Ignoring software updates
Smartphone care is as important as learning how to use the device in moderation. Many people make the mistake of postponing crucial software updates and granting necessary application permissions. These habits make the device extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can access confidential data. Always keep your phone updated to ensure the latest security updates are installed.

Using your phone before bedtime
Never use your phone right before going to sleep. There are two simple reasons why this is a really bad habit: First, it strains the eyes at night as smartphones emit blue light that can affect vision with extended exposure. Second, there is always the fear of missing out on social updates or content that you haven’t had the chance to check out yet. You may very well end up spending more than a couple of hours scrolling through an endless loop of audiovisual cues, not realizing how it affects your sleep cycle. Inadequate rest can increase the risk of health complications, and it can affect your productivity the next day.

Checking every notification
A constant bombardment of random information can increase stress. Further, you can end up wasting a lot of time if you pick up your phone to check every single notification—be it from your social media apps or other application updates. Trying to stay connected at all times will also worsen your fear of missing out. This can also affect productivity and interrupt your periods of rest. This habit can also have a negative impact on your mood.

Relying heavily on your phone
Smartphones have undoubtedly made it extremely easy to store hundreds of contacts, track important updates, and stay in touch with people. High-speed 5G internet connectivity and cheap cell phone plans ensure you remain online at all times. You can install utility and productivity apps to process payments, set reminders, schedule and track meetings, and use maps for navigation. However, the more apps you use, the higher will be your dependency on the phone. Eventually, it will become extremely difficult to function without the phone for even a single day.

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