Avoid These 10 New-parent Mistakes

Avoid These 10 New-parent Mistakes

Bringing home a newborn baby is a nerve-racking ordeal for first-time parents. They are worried about everything that is necessary to plan and follow. Even with all the help and guidance provided by friends and family members, new parents can forget about a few things that are necessary for taking good care of their child. Here are ten mistakes to avoid while taking care of the toddler at home.

Not buying a car seat
It is mandatory and required by law in many states to install a baby car seat. So have the seat installed weeks in advance and take the car for a few trial runs to see if everything works for the car seat as advertised. This is a critical piece of upgrade that ensures total safety. Car seats are not only comfortable but specially designed to ensure the baby stays secure and doesn’t sway too much when the car is moving.

Panicking unnecessarily
Newborns will cry, and they will fuss about every single thing at home. The infant is getting used to everything in and around the new home. So, it’s perfectly okay for the baby to make a fuss. And first-time parents don’t have to be anxious or nervous around their baby all the time. Worrying when there is no need will create an atmosphere of anxiety and urgency around the household that’ll only make things more stressful. In fact, doctors suggest the baby cries it out, even incessantly. Unless there is some physical indication of discomfort or obvious baby problems, it’s okay for the baby to cry it out naturally. Don’t fret over the small things.

Overstimulating their senses
A lot of times, first-time parents make the mistake of buying too many toys and installing accessories around the crib to keep the baby distracted. But this kind of overstimulation actually does more harm than good. Instead, let the baby observe the surroundings and respond to familiar voices and sounds that have a calming effect. Ensure the blankets, pillows, and cushions placed inside the crib provide just the right level of comfort without being too stimulating.

Breastfeeding mistakes
In the first few weeks, newborns must be constantly fed every two to three hours to help them gain a healthy birth. So, if this means interrupting their sleep during the day in between feeding, new parents should not hesitate to wake up the baby and breastfeed sufficiently. Mother’s milk contains the nutrition that newborns need, especially in the initial phase of breastfeeding. It’s okay to use a bottle pumped full of fresh breast milk if feeding directly is not comfortable at times. But the key is to feed the baby frequently and ensure the baby burps before and after drinking the milk.

Letting the baby sleep on the tummy
Newborns have no strength in their tiny arms and legs. In fact, most of their major bones are still underdeveloped, so babies can’t roll back into the right position like adults. So, it is important for new parents to keep a close watch and prevent the baby from falling asleep on its tummy. This is a very uncomfortable position and can impact breathing severely. Always ensure the baby is sleeping on its back and there are sufficient pillows on both sides to prevent this rollover.

Getting overexcited about buying things
Newborns don’t require a lot of things to begin with, except for comfortable clothing, good nutrition, and a few accessories to keep them cozy inside the crib. In the first few weeks, parents must only focus on buying the best quality diapers, cleaning accessories for bathing, and comfortable clothing that is suitable for the type of weather. Other baby products become necessary after the child starts to grow, and even then, there is no need to go overboard. Plan and purchase things baby products that are the need of the hour.

Failing to check for fever
For adults, a temperature of 100° F or above is still tolerable to some extent. But if the baby has a temperature close to this range, it is an emergency that should not be ignored. Newborns don’t have the immunity or the physical strength to bear such high temperatures. And they can’t even express any discomfort, so it’s better to have a doctor check the baby and prescribe a course of treatment.

Forgetting about oral hygiene
Newborns obviously should not be given any oral hygiene products designed for older kids and adults. That said, it is still imperative to maintain proper oral hygiene by wiping their mouth clean after every feeding session and preventing spit from pooling on the side of their mouth. Allow the baby to sip on some water right after feeding so that it cleans their mouth and prevents infections that can develop on the gums.

Allowing everyone to hold the baby
Newborns have a really delicate bodies as the bones are still developing, and they lack the strength to even fight off diseases and infections without proper immunity. This is why first-time parents must ensure the baby is not overexposed to social conventions that get crowded. Family members and friends will always be excited, will want to hold the baby, and even kiss or hug. But parents must stand firm and not allow too much physical contact as the baby is still young.

Leaving the baby unattended for long
Parents don’t have to constantly fret over the newborn, but that doesn’t mean the baby can be left in the crib without any supervision. Babies cry when they are distraught since they cannot comprehend what’s going on around them, being so young. So, a reassuring pat, a hug, and a comforting grip around their body from time to time will tell the baby somebody is there to look after them when in need. Remember, newborns need attention.