9 must-try styling hacks for a trendy look

9 must-try styling hacks for a trendy look

For most people, achieving a fashionable look that stands out can be incredibly challenging, especially in a hurry. Celebrities and fashion influencers often turn up to events looking flawless; have you ever wondered how they manage to do so every time? Why by using fashion hacks, of course! To come to your rescue, here are some styling hacks that you can incorporate into your daily outfit-planning routine to look effortlessly stylish.

Pick the right accessories
It may seem generic, but it is still important to pick the right accessories to ensure your outfits have the best look. Three accessories can effortlessly upgrade any look. The best ones you can try are sunglasses, a belt, and a bag. Match these items with other outfit elements for a seamless flow. You can also go with options that have striking design elements that can elevate simple outfits and attract attention.

Match the skirts with boots
It is one of the best styling hacks popularized by many fashionistas – matching the boots with dresses or maxi skirts. Typically, dresses or skirts in delicate materials like lace look spectacular with solid, edgy boots. Mixing two opposite styles is one of the most genius ways to look fashionable. How? You look even more fragile and delicate when you pair a delicate lace with chunky boots. So, if you wish to make your dresses and skirts look less preppy and more wearable, this is one of the best tips.

Knot a plaid button-down shirt to bring attention on the waist
Midi skirts look fab with a plaid shirt, which is something that most of us already have in our wardrobe. You can tie the shirt in the middle to give shape to the midriff and look more sophisticated and polished. If you do not want your belly on display, you can wear a spaghetti top or a turtle neck, depending on the weather. Always tie double knots to prevent them from recklessly opening, and straighten their ends to ensure they sit where you want them to.

Style the oversized clothes right
These days oversized clothes are trendy. People usually opt for an oversized blazer, sweater, and pants in their wardrobe. But, styling these clothes can often be tricky, especially for people with a petite stature. So, you can consider teaming such outfits with fitted pieces to create a balancing effect. Fitted pieces will not make your oversized clothes look frumpy or bigger.

Cinch a shapeless dress
A shift dress conceals your body shape and is comfortable enough for you to wear for hours while looking stylish. To add some oomph, you can wear a belt at the point where your waist is the narrowest or add a knot in the middle. We recommend the latter for a more sophisticated and fashionable look. So, you can gather all the extra fabric and tie a knot, which can completely change the dress’s look and feel and make it more figure-flattering. Here is a simple guide on how you can do it:

Turn the dress inside out.
Gather a two-inch section from the center.
Twist the first layer, and tie it into a knot.
Flip to the right side.

Layered maxi coat
Maxi coats are one of the most must-have items you need in your wardrobe. It is trendy and can keep you chic and warm at the same time. Adding a maxi coat as a top layer on even a basic maxi dress can lend a whole new vibe. You can complete your look with a pair of heels to give some height to the outfit and make your maxi coat more wearable. If you do not find heels comfortable, you can always fall back on a pair of chunky sneakers to look more casual but put-together. Maxi coats paired with other maxi lengths make the outfit appear more unified.

Go monochrome
Women have long experienced the pressure of matching different colors to look fashionable. But you know what? It is time you change that. Consider dressing head-to-toe in a single color. Monochromes are chic, especially for the spring, and can motivate you to try out your existing favorites in a new but fresh manner. Monochrome colors will look trendy – be it an all-white, all-black, all-pink, or a denim on denim look.

Match your masks
Masks are not going anywhere anytime soon. So, why not just make them a part of your whole look? You can opt for cute fabrics and prints in sync with your outfit’s color family, making you look all put together. However, to look like a fashionista, do not compromise your safety and ensure that your chosen mask gives you good protection against the virus.

Ensure that it all fits well
For your pieces to look stylish and polished, it is vital to ensure they fit you well. Thus, it is a must to have a go-to tailor on the speed dial. So, anytime you buy something new or carry it with you on the trip, take it to your tailor to see if it needs any hem or pinch. You will be amazed to see how a cheap but properly fitted outfit can make you look like a million bucks. Conversely, the most expensive but poorly-fitted item may not ever look its worth. So, ensure everything fits right.

So, include these styling tips in your routine, and you will see a massive lift in your confidence and fashion quotient.