7 latest fashion trends of 2022

7 latest fashion trends of 2022

Seasons change, and so do fashion trends. 2022 is no exception to this established rule. Each season gives birth to a new style that transforms into a trend and further sets the year’s mood. From minimalistic accessories and bold monochrome outfits to colossal platform boots and oversized totes, one can find something to suit their comfort level. One can see the blend of traditional and modern fashion this season. Let’s look at the latest trends:

Comfortable dresses
Dresses have been a woman’s go-to option for any occasion – casual or formal. Trends might change, but your style remains personal. That said, depending on your comfort level and personal style, you can opt for short or long maxi dresses with bold prints and patterns. Akris Punto has become a popular brand among women. Check out their women’s dress collection; it has something for everyone. You can try out their light cotton dresses in different patterns and styles, which are perfect for a casual day out with friends and a formal office meeting. Besides that, browse through their collection of T-shirts, jackets, pants, blouses, skirts, coats, and dresses. The tailor-made fit, colors, and fabric perfectly blend to give you a comfortable experience.

Athleisure or loungewear
The Athleisure clothing style combines the sturdiness of athletic gear with the comfort of casual clothes. The resultant outfits are thus suitable for not only high-intensity workouts but also casual lunch dates. This new fashion trend has been taking the world market by storm since 2019, and the year 2022 has not been able to escape its charm.

Athleisure differs from regular athletic wear because the collection is not limited to merely tank tops and yoga pants. The clothing style includes shorts, sweatpants, sneakers, leggings, gym tanks, jackets, and tights. The shades are warm and pleasant to the eyes. Besides, these apparels are stretchable, reduce body odor, and ensure protection from dirt; in short, they provide sheer comfort.

Baggy jeans
Fashion is not only about the style quotient but also about comfort. Loose, oversized baggy jeans are versatile pieces of clothing. You can pair them with solid or printed blazers and T-shirts, underrated tank tops, or corset tops with jackets. They will give you a fun, relaxed, and practical appearance while running errands or attending a social event. Also, do not forget the sneakers for a casual yet chic look. Opt for minimal accessories like a pendant necklace, ring, watch, or bracelet to complete the look.

Fuchsia in Monochrome
Who doesn’t like a dash of pink in their wardrobe? If 2016 was defined by millennial pink, bright pink is the colr of 2022. Celebrities and models have been flaunting this regal shade in fashion and award shows. From fashion trends to interior designs, this rose-quartz hue, often confused with magenta, has been raging over every sphere of the fashion industry.

This shade is so popular this season because it enhances the look of anything and everything that’s worn. Be it bags, shoes, hats, casual wear, or office wear, this rose-quartz hue can make anything look gorgeous.

Bling it up with accessories
An outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. Be it a casual athleisure look or formal work wear, a pair of stud earrings or a birthstone ring can instantly enhance the appearance. Check out the Zales store for their simulated birthstone collection in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches. Each jewelry piece is meticulously crafted with the finest set of diamonds, especially the Zales Birthstone Ring Collection.

The Zales Birthstone Ring collection is all about symbolism. Birthstones are gemstones that indicate a person’s birth month or Zodiac sign. For example, Blue Topaz for December and Garnet for January. All of them exhibit the beauty and unique qualities of their referents.

Platform shoes
When it comes to footwear, women need a pair that provides both – comfort and style. This year, we’ve seen a sudden shift in footwear choices. Women are opting for platform shoes and sandals over those heart-hurting, high-heeled stilettoes. These platform shoes also come in a wide variety of footwear styles – from sneakers and ankle-strap pumps to mules & clogs, and even flip-flops. This type of footwear ad the right amount of style while providing you the comfort. Therefore, they are in demand among young fashionistas and influencers.

Big oversized bags
Although the fashion industry has shifted attention to micro bags, bulky, oversized bags can never go out of trend. In fact, in 2022, large, sturdy totes are the new talk of the town. And why not? They are practical as well as stylish. Available in a slew of patterns and bright colors, oversized bags can complement your everyday fashionable outfits.

Many more such fashion trends hit the runway every year, but opting for those that blend in with your personal style and preference is essential. You can add a flash of your creativity to make the ensemble an extension of your personality. It will help you stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique identity. Also, ensure that your clothing choices that you make complement your body type. Flaunt your curves with the right set of trends.