7 frequent mistakes to be wary of while purchasing auto insurance

7 frequent mistakes to be wary of while purchasing auto insurance

One of the biggest mistakes people make while purchasing a car is opting out of buying insurance. It’s not just because it is mandatory, but insurance also reduces one’s financial burden, especially in the event of a possible accident. Since buying cars involves hefty investments, finding the correct auto insurance and sidestepping frequent mistakes is crucial. Here’s a list of errors that can be avoided while purchasing auto insurance.

Not doing adequate research

With the auto insurance market witnessing stiff competition with so many insurance companies selling products with unique propositions, it may be difficult for a potential customer to single out the best possible one for them. You can avoid this dilemma by researching auto insurance properly. You may want to look at the websites of different insurance policies and review their insurance and CIN numbers. Check their social media pages and read customer reviews. Talk to friends and family members and get references for several insurance policies before you narrow down on one.

Buying auto insurance in haste

Like any other important product, one should never purchase auto insurance in a hurry. To avoid panic buying, you must study the different policies in the market and compare them. Never buy the first policy you see or even the one with the lowest price. It may mean fewer features and poorer coverage. You should not just compare the quotes but also services, coverage, claim settlement, and customer support.

Setting your coverage limit too low

The primary purpose of auto insurance is to provide financial support during an untoward event. The extent of coverage on your insurance helps you in protecting your vehicle against damages. However, every buyer has unique coverage requirements, which depend on factors like the price of your car, vehicle model and type, and how much you drive. You need to go in for optimal coverage based on these factors. Opting for minimal coverage may help you comply with the laws of the land but will not offer financial assistance if you accidentally damage someone else’s car.

Giving importance to lower deductibles

One of the most common mistakes that people commit is looking for auto insurance with the lowest deductibles. Deductibles are the amount the policy buyer gets before receiving the claim while the insurance company pays the coverage benefits. Opting for lower deductibles means having to pay a higher premium. To avoid this mistake and overspending, one should opt for higher deductibles that will help you receive the no-claim bonus.

Providing incomplete details to insurance provider

Some people provide incomplete information to reduce the amount of payable premium or receive more money while settling claims. Such details may pertain to your claim history, car modifications, any accidents that you may have gotten into, etc. It is important to be transparent while answering the questions put forth by the auto insurance company. Withholding information will put you in legal trouble and hamper your claim settlement.

Not exploring insurance policies online

People who are used to purchasing products offline may not be inclined to buy auto insurance online. This mistake often limits the choice of policies that you can explore. There are a host of advantages that comes with purchasing a policy online. You not only get a better choice but can also compare different policies easily and buy them anytime and anywhere, without any paperwork. If you find online buying daunting, you can get in touch with the insurer’s customer support team to help you out.

Not seeking discounts

In most scenarios, people are unaware that insurance policies on cars are often discounted, which results in money savings. A potential buyer will qualify for a discount when their vehicle is driven seasonally, the car has safety features such as lane assist and assisted parking, and their insurance premium gets withdrawn automatically. It is advised to buy your auto insurance from the same company that offers you insurance on your home and life.

While buying insurance for your car, it is essential to avoid these mistakes. To do that, keep asking questions until you understand the nuances of the policy.