6 smart ways to make the best use of your laptops

6 smart ways to make the best use of your laptops

In this digital era, laptops are considered alternatives to computers in most sectors. Today, laptops are widely used for official and personal purposes like gaming, entertainment, and maintaining confidential data. However, unbeknownst to many, there are some less-tried, innovative ways in which your laptop helps you complete routine tasks and enhance daily productivity. Check out a few features below so that you can make the best use of your laptop.

Multiple desktops
Setting up multiple desktops on one system enables users to multitask efficiently, particularly on busy workdays. Select the “New Desktop” option in Task View on the taskbar to enable multiple desktops. This feature activates several desktops and allows for performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Microsoft Wildcards
If you use Microsoft Word often, Wildcards is your best bet to make your work processes incredibly efficient. Wildcards enable you to find and replace specific word instances and increase productivity to a great extent. You may activate Wildcards on MS Word by opening advanced find and replace and checking the box against “Use Wildcards.” You can create wildcard strings and search through even the lengthiest documents effortlessly. For example, the string “ba*” finds all words beginning with “ba,” such as “bat,” “bakery,” and “bassinet.”

Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts are your go-to solutions on those hectic days when you need to work at lightning speed to meet tight deadlines. Although you may be aware of keyboard shortcuts in general, there are always more advanced shortcuts to master — these shortcuts are engaging, fun to learn, and will most likely become your saviors over time!

Game streaming
If you are a game connoisseur, your best bet is to stream your games from your Sony or Microsoft console on the same network. For instance, Xbox One S and X owners must have the Xbox app installed, while PS4 and PS5 users can install PS Remote Play to facilitate game streaming.

Dictation feature
The dictation feature can now be enabled on both Macbook Pro and Windows laptops, allowing you to carry on with your work without using the keyboard. The keyboard shortcut “Windows + H” opens dictation on Windows, whereas on Mac laptops, the dictation option can be found on the “System Preferences” panel. The dictation feature is prevalent among users and is a crucial component of all modern laptops.

Dark mode
The dark mode is an effective tool to protect your eyes from blue light, which can harm your eyes when constantly exposed. This mode will be helpful when you need to use your laptop in the dark. On Windows, the dark mode option is available in laptops under the “Colors” option in the “Personalization” panel in your laptop’s settings. You can find this option under System Preferences on your Macbook Pro laptop.

Although finding the ideal laptop to suit your requirements is half the battle won, the rest of the process involves exploring your device and understanding its various features. Such exploration can help you utilize it to its best capacity and reap the benefits of a more streamlined, fun-filled, and efficient user experience.