6 human foods that cats can enjoy

6 human foods that cats can enjoy

Certain foods that are healthy for us may be beneficial for your cat. As a responsible cat parent, it is essential to be aware of the foods and their sources before slipping a morsel from your plate into your pet’s bowl. Ingestion of toxic foods can adversely affect the cat’s digestive system. Hence, it is advised to consult a vet for recommendations. Here is a list of human foods that are perfectly safe for cats:

Cats are carnivores by nature. Most of the commercial cat food in the market contains different meats, an excellent protein source. So, feeding them bits of cooked meats like beef, turkey, or chicken from your lunch plate is entirely alright. Make sure you limit the quantity of the meats. Overeating may cause digestive issues in cats.

Cats love fish, and most vets recommend feeding them fish-based foods. They are a good source of omega-3 and other nutrients. Oily fish like tuna, salmon, or mackerel prove beneficial for their eyesight and joints. However, do not feed your feline straight from the can as they might lick it too aggressively, leading to cuts and bruises on their tongues. It’s best to feed them cooked fish without bones. Cat food brands like Royal Canin, IAMS, and Greenies™ source their ingredients from salmon.

Whole grains
As grains are loaded with nutrients, they are healthy for humans and cats. Oats have lots of protein, but not many cats like it. Some cats prefer brown rice and coarsely grounded cornmeal too. If you’re not feeding your cat any meat or fish, whole grains can be a good substitute. Smaller grains like wheat berries and millets can also be cooked at home. Cat food brands like IAMS use whole grains like wheat in their products.

Another food item that is safe for cats is eggs. Its rich protein and vitamin B content makes it a nutritious treat. Ensure the eggs are cooked to prevent infections due to salmonella or E. coli. Some cats tend to be allergic to eggs, so proceed with caution. Also, avoid adding bulbous veggies like onions and garlic to egg preparations as they are toxic for cats.

Fresh vegetables
Not all cats are vegetable and fruit lovers, but if you see your cat nibbling on some greens, it is a good sign. Felines are sweet blind; they cannot taste the sweet flavors in fruits, so they mostly stay away from them. Vegetables like fresh cucumber, steamed broccoli or asparagus, baked carrots, and green beans are loaded with all the right nutrients and minerals. Popular cat food brands like Greenies™ include some of these vegetables in their packaged foods.

Additionally, treat your cats to some diced or pureed pumpkin on ocassions. The fiber content in this vegetable helps relieve constipation and its effects. However, packaged or canned pumpkins are often seasoned with spices. It can prove harmful to cats.

Bananas are rich in both potassium and calories. Make sure you treat your feline friends with the fruit only on special occasions. The high sugar content in bananas might lead to diabetes and other health issues. Cats can also enjoy a few bites of seedless watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydew. They are excellent sources of water. However, restrict the quantity to certain servings. Please avoid citrus fruits as they may cause digestive distress.

Although these human foods are safe for cats, vets recommend including more pet foods than human foods in their daily meal plans. Cat food brands like Royal Canin have amazing sales on their assorted range on websites like Chewy, PetSmart, and Petco. Other brands like Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Purina, and Merrick Backcountry are known for high-quality cat food. Consider the following cat food brands if you’re looking for specific benefits:

IAMS grain-free cat food
IAMS Perfect Portions Healthy Adult cat food is made from some of the finest ingredients. Apart from being grain-free, the cat food recipe contains chicken, broth, dried eggs, liver, and other healthy nutrients to keep your cat active and physically fit.

GREENIES healthy pet treats
The feline population loves to feast on treats! Many brands use fillers as substitute ingredients in cat treats that can harm your feline friend. GREENIES healthy pet treats are available in various flavors like Succulent Shrimp and Tempting Tuna. Such healthy cat treats offer optimum dental care for cats. Their SMARTBITES™ is also an excellent option as it provides your cat with the nourishment they deserve.

Friskies indoor cat food
Friskies’ Indoor cat food range helps maintain a healthy physical body. The antioxidants present in their dry cat food also boost the immune system. The cat food is available in flavors including chicken, salmon, and cheese & garden greens.

Holistapet calming cat treats
Holistapets offers a range of healthy cat treats that have a calming effect on your pet. They also promote urinary health.

Royal Canin
One of the leading cat food brands, Royal Canin, has a wide range of products, which include carefully curated ingredients by experts. Some Royal Canin cat foods are designed to manage symptoms associated with renal and gastrointestinal issues.