6 errors to avoid when booking a hotel

6 errors to avoid when booking a hotel

People travel due to various reasons. Some of us travel frequently while others once in a while. Regardless of the reason, if you’re looking for an affordable hotel, you need to be cautious about certain aspects. From safety to the location, booking without negotiating and ignoring reviews and ratings are some mistakes that are easily avoidable. While booking a hotel online, ensure that you avoid these six mistakes to get the best deals.

Ignoring the basics
When looking for cheap hotels, it can be easy to forget and overlook a few basic things. For example, the location of the hotel is important. You want to book a hotel that is fairly close to the airport or business centers, depending on the purpose of visit, or else you might spend a considerable amount of time and money travelling. Sometimes, the location of the hotel could be in unfamiliar regions, or it may not be reachable by cabs.

Similarly, you should be aware about the check-in and check-out times. Ensure that the times sync well with your arrival/departure schedule. Do not forget to check if the hotel offers basic room amenities and in-house safety features.

Booking the very first hotel that offers the best deal
One of the common things people tend to do while booking hotels is to book the first hotel with cheap rates. But spending a little time to assess hotel rates can help save some precious dollars.

Use some of the credible hotel search engines to compare rates before booking cheap hotels in any place or in Orlando. When you do so, check what add-ons you can get. Does the hotel offer free Wi-Fi, breakfast, free parking, and access to the gym, pool, or fitness center?

Sometimes, certain hotels offer extra discounts when guests make reservations though certain mobile apps. Research about promotional codes online, as most hotels have good deals for guests booking with the codes.

Not paying attention to reviews and ratings
This is another error people tend to make when booking hotels. It is important to read the reviews not only on the hotel website but also on credible third-party websites, search engines, and social media profiles. This will give you clear view of the quality of services and other aspects of the property.

Ignoring the cancellation policy
One should always be prepared if travel plans have to be cancelled due to an emergency. This means you should not ignore the hotel’s cancellation policy. It can help safeguard your money.

Make sure that the hotel has a guest-friendly cancellation policy in place. Read it thoroughly and seek answers if it is not clear. If you still are unsure after clarifying all doubts with the hotel, it is better to look for another property. A common error made by some guests is that they book non-refundable rooms because the rates are comparably less than refundable rooms. However, this can turn out to be a costly affair if one needs to cancel the room.

Booking last minute
Book cheap hotels at the last minute can be an impossible task. This is especially the case if you are planning a vacation during spring break or the summer. Waiting till the last minute can weigh heavily on your pocket. Firstly, the chances of getting rooms at the best hotels in town are almost negligible because most hotels run full during these times. Next, the rates can be extremely high.

Ideally, if you have a vacation planned beforehand, try and book the hotel in advance – at least 21 to 40 days ahead of your travel dates. This way, you can stand the chance of getting reasonable rates and you can book hotels at your desired locations. On the other hand, one should make sure to not book months in advance as they might end up paying more than the actual rates at the time of check-in.

Not booking from the hotel website
Most people compare rates from online travel sites but forget to check the official hotel website. You may miss out on savings due to this. Firstly, many hotels run promotional offers for direct bookings. You can also negotiate with the reservations by sending them an email or calling them up. You might be eligible for Hotel Reward Programs when you book directly. One can check if the hotel has an official site. If it does, they can use it to book the room.

One should note these six things and avoid them to book rooms in cheap hotels in Orlando. It is ideal to not hurry with your hotel booking. Research well, spend some time finding more details, and then go ahead to confirm the hotel booking. Make it a point to follow up with the hotel directly once before you step out of your home. This should be done to reconfirm the booking and other details.