5 ways to use a tablet computer to its full potential

5 ways to use a tablet computer to its full potential

With advancing technology, the market frequently witnesses the launch of new gadgets that make our life easier. A tablet is one such invention that is slowly becoming irreplaceable. It’s bigger than a smartphone and lighter than a laptop, with immense power and portability. But if you’ve been using it only for surfing the web, watching movies, or emails, you perhaps haven’t realized its full potential! Here are five innovative ways to use your tablet computer.

Digital picture frame
Photo frames serve as an excellent tool for home décor. Most homes have picture frames hung on the walls or placed nicely on the living room table to draw attention. But did you know that you can use your iPad as a digital photo frame? All you have to do is transfer your favorite images onto it and place the device on a shelf. Then watch the colorful pictures as they change, reminding you of all those beautiful moments. But you wouldn’t want to block a brand new tab just for displaying photos; consider an older one for this purpose!

Car dashboard
If you have a car without a smart infotainment system, this tip is for you. Go ahead and install your tab on your vehicle’s dashboard. It has everything: navigation, music, videos, news, and anything you would like when on a long trip. With the latest technological advances, it even responds to voice commands! In addition, you can stay connected with your loved ones without using a cell phone. So, put your tablet to use on your next road journey with your family or friends.

Bringing art to life
If you want to conserve the planet by saving paper, here comes another intelligent tip. Get a tablet computer, install a few apps, and start mixing colors digitally to create art. You no longer need pencils and paper for sketching. While even cell phones have this capability, the larger tab screen makes your job easier. Once done, you can easily share your work on social media and other channels. What’s more? You can work on and access your best creations anytime and anywhere!

E-book reader
If you read books to pass the time, a tablet can be of great help. It can now be used to download your favorite books and read them anytime you wish. Yes, phones also serve the same purpose, but their small screens only add to the eye strain. With a tab, you can skim through magazines and comic books and not worry about a headache at the end of the day. E-book readers also help save the physical space of storing books and the effort of maintaining them.

Relieving stress
Most people are busy throughout the day, with barely any time to eat, let alone meditate! If this sounds like something you’re struggling with, don’t worry. Tablet computers can help you relax. As these devices are portable, you can carry them anywhere and use those rare couple minutes you get between chores to unwind. Download your favorite meditation music or application and use your device to find some calm during a stressful day.

If you’re looking for a new tablet to unlock these benefits, you’ll be surprised by the endless options in the market. One feature-rich model is the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. Launched on September 8, 2021, it’s available for $699.99. The device has a 12.6-inch display, a battery life of up to 14.6 hours (online video playback), quick charge ability, and features to help you get through the day with ease.

Apple users might want to check out the newly launched iPad 10th Gen, which will be available in stores from October 26, 2022. Starting at $499, it boasts a 10.9-inch screen, the A14 Bionic chip, high-speed wireless connectivity, and a 12MP ultra-wide front camera. The iPad Pro might be suitable if you want more storage space and the M2 chip!