5 styling ideas for women over 60

5 styling ideas for women over 60

Age is a number when setting a true style statement. Regardless of anyone’s perception, just because you are reaching the 60s doesn’t imply to stop working on your appearance and renounce your desires to look fabulous. Fashion is not just merely about trends; it is about how you express yourself through clothes as the myths of age must not limit your expression. So, here are a few best styling ideas for women over 60:

Embrace your age
One of the most typical fashion mistakes people make is choosing outfits that are supposed to make them appear younger than their actual age. The problem with such a choice is that you are paradoxically accentuating your age when you try to look younger by wearing an outfit that will be more appropriate for youngsters.

For example, if you don high heels, short skirts, or flashy fashions that might be more appropriate for a person half your age, you are indirectly making yourself appear “older.”

Instead, you can opt for clothes that are specially tailored for women your age. Sporting “age-appropriate” dresses will conceal your age and make others appreciate your other features like glowing skin or your build. And consequently, you will appear much younger than your actual age.

Recognize your fashion style
One of the essential things to dress well is to first recognize your fashion style. More so, if you are unsure of the latest fashion trends, it is time to engage in some experimentation and try something out of the box. That doesn’t necessarily mean you dress into something bizarre. It only means you should try out new styles that women your age can flaunt flawlessly.

Keep it a point to try out multiple combinations of clothes to assess what color or style looks good on you. Not to forget, it is wise to consider your body type too. And if you are uncomfortable in a particular dress that doesn’t suit you, make sure you discard it at once.

Remember that your attire represents your personality and is supposed to make you feel comfortable and confident. Remember, only those clothes look stylish that one can carry effortlessly. However, be bold enough to try new styles as the market has various options.

Wear well-fitted clothes
Fitting is a significant part of dressing well. Ensure that the clothes you wear fit well as they should make you feel confident. So, if your wardrobe is filled with clothes that don’t fit right, it is better to discard them, or else your style will never evolve.

To avoid appearing large, do not opt for ill-fitted clothes, specifically around your mid-riff, as they will make you look uncomfortable and unaesthetic. Moreover, say no to large amorphous clothes like wide tent dresses, baggy pants, and oversized tops. Otherwise, your upper body will appear more prominent than it is.

It is essential to note that hiding your body behind extra-large clothes will not enhance your look. Instead, it will give the impression that you are not comfortable in your skin and with your overall appearance. The motivation behind styling your clothes is to express yourself and not use them as armor to cover your personality.

So, wear only well-fitted attire as it glides through your body, highlights your waist, and makes you look sophisticated.

Prefer class over changing trends
One of the most underrated advantages of being over 60 is experience. To put it differently, when it comes to fashion, “you have seen it all.” You have seen all kinds of fashion vogue and short-lived trends one can imagine in their lifetime. Now that you have reached the 60s or beyond, you can freely pick elegant styles, as they look timeless in terms of their endurance and are even suitable for people of all ages.

Also, there is no need to stress being updated on the latest fashion trends. Most of them are, after all, targeted toward younger audiences. And so, if you find something unpleasant or unrelatable, then it is okay to express yourself.

You will appear more stylish if you opt for technical dressing over replicating a particular look you found eye-catching in your preferred fashion magazine.

Dress the part
When it comes to styling ideas for women over 60, one of the most important mantras is to dress according to the age and role you are in your life. For example, suppose you are a high-spirited, adventurous person with an ardent love for traveling. In that case, you can accessorize your dresses with pieces representing the different cultures and countries you have visited.

Heart of the matter
One of the biggest misconceptions is that women over 60 have crossed the age of looking stylish. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what they wear as they will look dull and matronly. However, the reality is entirely different.

Several women are over 60 and have more sound fashion sense than young people. In actuality, their sense of aesthetics and fashion has only matured with time, exhibiting their strong sense of self and better self-confidence. The styling ideas mentioned above are just a few add-ons to enhance their existing necessary attributes for fashion.