5 smart ways of using tablet computers

5 smart ways of using tablet computers

You see tablet computers everywhere. More and more people are now moving toward tablets in offices, coffee shops, homes, and even schools. This is because they offer more power and uses than a smartphone and better portability than a desktop or even a laptop. Tablets have many more uses than simply checking your emails or browsing social media. Here are some interesting ways to find more uses for your tablet computer:

Second screen

Some people like to work on two screens at a time due to the demand of their work. This also enhances productivity and cuts down on time. It is easy to mirror your Android to another Android or even a computer.

To use your tablet as an extended display, you need to install an application on your computer and connect the tablet to it using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Some of the best app options to do this include Spacedesk, Google Remote Desktop, iDisplay, Duet Display, etc.

As a remote to control electronics

Tablet computers can be easily used to control your electronics. A tablet is larger than a remote and much easier to find and operate with better features. You can control your PC and television with it. It can also dim your home lights, open your garage door, and operate your smart fridge and washing machine.

For instance, if you have a Sony Smart TV, you can use the TV Sideview application for your Apple and Android systems.


If you are an avid reader and have an old tablet, you don’t need to purchase a new e-reader. Your tablet can easily be used as an e-reader to browse your favorite books, magazines, comic strips, and even news applications.

Since tablet screens have more glare, we suggest getting an anti-glare film on the screen. You may also consider getting a Blue Light Filter or Night Screen application. This will help make your screen warmer and reduce the blue light from the screen.

Tool to create art

A tablet computer makes for a great art device. It can work as a complete art studio if you install the right applications. One such application is ArtRage, which turns your tablet into a digital canvas with paint tools and a realistic drawing experience. Another application is Adobe Illustrator Draw, which allows you to create, design, and edit.

You can also try MediBang, a digital painting tool loaded with features such as brushes, sketches, comic book creation tools, and more. You can pick up bundle deals on tablets and art applications at the Black Friday sale.

Integrated dashboard for your car
Your tablet is equipped with several applications that help while driving. These include navigation, voice commands, and music. So, if you don’t have a digital car dashboard, you may want to consider using your tablet as one.

To install it in your car, you need a small head unit amplifier, socket, USB car charger, and fuse tape. You will also need a wireless charger, Bluetooth adapter, and zip ties. Follow this up by removing your stereo, disconnecting all the hoops, and attaching the new amps and wiring harness. Your tablet is ready to be used as a dashboard.

Displaying interactive menus

If you work in the hospitality industry, this one’s for you. Your tablet computer can be used as an interactive display for your menu. It can be coupled with interesting things like pairing suggestions, images of foods and drinks, tasting notes, and more. You can also use analytical applications to find the most popular items on your menu that are browsed and bought by your guests.

A tablet computer has many more exciting and smart uses than these. All you need to do is know your requirements and download the relevant applications to help you do that. This enables you to get a bigger bang for your buck, enhances your productivity, and makes work fun at the same time.