5 electric vehicles to consider buying

5 electric vehicles to consider buying

Electric vehicles are no longer the punchlines of the past. The tiny dimensions, limited driving range, and long charge time are things of the past. Today, electric cars come in different sizes and shapes, with several auto manufacturers selling electric SUVs, cars, and pickup trucks. Many can traverse over 200 miles on a full charge, and several can go even further. This guide will discuss some of the best electric vehicles you can consider buying.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS
It is a beautiful, brand-new car that debuts with top rankings in the luxury electric vehicle segment, courtesy of its graceful performance, roomy interior, and giant cargo space. Calling it a good car is an understatement because it has no significant lows. This vehicle comes equipped with an all-electric driving range of approximately 350 miles. In addition, it guarantees a luxurious, tranquil ride with confident acceleration. Both seat rows in the car are roomy, and with its hatchback body design, the cargo is also quite spacious.

Adding to its Mercedes appeal is a cabin dressed flamboyantly. Its intuitive technology and infotainment system are both unprecedented. So, if you need a vehicle that is a prototype of technology and luxury in an engaging and efficient EV, then this is one of the top cars for you. But, of course, this degree of excellence will not come cheap. So, prepare to shell out at least $100,000 for an EQS. It is in addition to 10s of thousands of dollars more for the add-ons.

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5
2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a brand-new, all-electric car that delivers on many fronts with a comfy and spacious interior, outstanding driving dynamics, and powerful powertrains. The vehicle has supreme efficiency and a range of up to 300 miles, and its supple ride quality and engaging handling make every drive enjoyable and seamless. Its interiors depict an understated styling, comprising two rows of roomy, supportive seats. The vehicle has ample cargo space, and its tech features are effortless to use. It is one of the most well-rounded electric SUV cars. Even though it comes at an above-average price, it gives you enough bang for your buck.

2022 Kia EV6
2022 Kia EV6 has spry handling, an exponential driving range, a premium cabin, and many active safety features. It has comfortable seats, but its cargo area is not very large. When it comes to the fast-growing electric SUV class, Kia EV6 ranks somewhere at the top. On a full charge, the vehicle provides you with a magnificent 310 miles of driving range. Its vigorous acceleration, long-range scrimping, quick recharging, and agile handling only make it better.

Furthermore, Kia has a beautifully trimmed interior with good seating space at the back and front. Its infotainment system is also intuitive, and the availability of several driver assistance features only makes it better. However, one car’s weakness is its raked roofline, which hampers the rear visibility and cargo space. But, it is an amalgam of efficiency, performance, and practicality. Thus, it is a perfect pick when shopping for an electric vehicle.

2022 Lucid Air
Because of its refined driving dynamics, exceptional range, intuitive features, and top-notch interiors, Lucid Air is another one of the top contenders in the luxury electric car class. On a full charge, the vehicle guarantees a class-leading driving range of 520 miles, a figure many once thought was unattainable. Moreover, Lucid Air bolsters that thriftiness with mesmerizing power and acceleration. It is comfortable and elegant to drive, and in just 20 minutes of DC fast-charging, it can recoup about 300 miles of range. This beauty also impresses its generous cargo space, cozy seats, safety, advanced tech features, and first-rate cabin materials. The downside is its hefty price tag. The current models cost over $140,000 and up. Its base models are also not cheap and may cost about $77,000.

2022 Tesla Model S
Model S from Tesla has a long range and is unbelievably fast. It is quick and powerful, and its Plaid variant is one of the fastest production cars globally. The vehicle’s fuel economy estimates are top-notch and guarantee an impressive drive with a cushioned ride and agile handling. The car has comfortable and supportive seats and ample cargo space. But, there are other electric cars in the market with an even more intuitive infotainment system with superior cabin quality. Though not as posh as many of its rivals, it is a good pick for someone seeking a thrilling vehicle. But, buyers must have a large budget because even the starting price is high for the luxury vehicle standards.

Bottom line
With the advent of DC fast charging, charging an electric vehicle up to about 80% takes only a few minutes. But, comparing it with the time involved in filling up a gas vehicle, it will feel slower. However, it is only a minor price to pay for driving a spectacular, zero-emission car that can help eliminate the expensive cost of diesel fuel or gasoline. Of course, the electricity cost is variable. But, charging a vehicle will always be a fraction of the cost of fueling the car at the gas station. So, do not hesitate to get your hands on one of the above-stated EVs.