5 classic jewelry pieces for every woman

5 classic jewelry pieces for every woman

Jewelry provides a touch of elegance to a woman’s outfit. Whether for a formal business meeting or an informal birthday party, you cannot be entirely ready to leave home without at least one piece of jewelry. But which one? There are several options, such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Below are the five most exquisite jewelry options for women that you might want to own to enrich your wardrobe:

Earrings for everyday use
There is no doubt that earrings are essential jewelry for everyday fashion. Here, a pair of crystal studs or huggie hoops deserves a special mention. They are the most comfortable jewelry pieces that you can wear all the time. Besides comfort, they give your outfit an elegant and classy finish. But you must choose the right pair of earrings.

A simple diamond earring with a sleek style can be paired with almost any other piece of jewelry, say a crystal necklace. You can also think of pairing it with a beautiful bracelet from the same designer who created the earrings. If you are not a fan of diamonds and gold, opt for some non-metal, colored earrings. It will not harm your jewelry wardrobe but only make it more vibrant. But remember that whatever your style or the occasion, ultimately, studs and huggie hoops are always in fashion.

Statement earrings
You can run daily errands around the block with your everyday earrings. But what about special occasions with all the glitz and glamor? While your studs and huggies are great for an elegant look, they are not appropriate for special events due to a lack of appeal. Therefore, you need to have your statement earrings ready. They can make you look more attractive and fashionable for a dinner date or expensive party.

But mind you! Statement earrings are hard to choose from and can lead to a fashion disaster if not correctly styled with your attire. They could be in the form of hoop earrings, chandeliers, tassels, multi-colored gems, pearls, and so on. While hoops are ideal for your casual attire, chandeliers and pearls are what you need for formal but glamorous events like weddings. These days, pearl earrings have turned far grittier and edgier with leather, chains, and spikes. Try tassels and multi-color gems to make your collection look vibrant. They can add some color to your jewelry wardrobe for those special days.

Long necklaces, especially those with chains and pendants, are exquisite jewelry options for women. They tend to be so versatile that you can wear them with almost any outfit, whether a V-neck dress or a dress with a long neckline. And it does not matter how and for what occasion you are dressed. Long pendant necklaces, in particular, are suitable for both formal and informal events, like work or wedding appearances. Besides, you can wear these without other accessories or pair them with shorter necklaces, especially chokers. Furthermore, you can double your long necklace to make it look like two shorter ones.

But ensure you opt for the right necklace in the first attempt itself. Purchasing multiple pieces for different occasions can be expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Also, unlike earrings, necklaces occupy considerable space in your exquisite jewelry wardrobe. Therefore, you must choose wisely.

Hand accessories are a vital component of your outfit. Imagine having your neck and ears adorned with the most exquisite jewelry pieces but your hands bare. It would not look pleasant, right? So, selecting the correct hand accessory pieces is necessary to give an excellent finish to your look. Here, watches can play an important role. While watches are typically considered functional accessories, you can also put them in the jewelry category.

No doubt, these days, smartwatches have acquired tremendous popularity. But they are now sold with beautiful straps that you can match with almost any other jewelry piece. You do not need to go all extravagant with your watches. Instead, select one classic, timeless design that will complement your overall body.

Bangle bracelets
If you do not wish to wear watches, bracelets are your alternative, specifically bangle bracelets. They are timeless and have been in style for thousands of years. Many women see bracelets as a symbol of their culture. In ancient Egypt, copper bracelets were used for treatment purposes, while other cultures considered them symbolic of power and wealth. Well, you may or may not have any cultural affinity with bangles. Still, the fact remains that bangle bracelets are a classic fashion statement and versatile enough to enhance both casual and formal clothing. Some of them are very affordable and come in unique designs and patterns.

Investing in a jewelry wardrobe is a tricky affair. It is not advisable to jump into a purchasing spree to build your jewelry wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends. After all, fashion is not merely about trends. It is also about your individuality. Also, never go overboard with jewelry, or you could break your balance. You may consider these five basic but exquisite jewelry options for women and customize them to make your own style statement and attract attention.