4 must-have hair styling tools

4 must-have hair styling tools

Our tresses, in many ways, define us and reflect our personalities. Most of us pay a lot of attention to our hair and treat it as our best accessory. From going minimalistic by tying a knot to experimenting with different styles, there’s a lot that can be done with our hair. Thankfully, technological advancement has given us innumerable hair styling tools. Here are four such must-have tools that will help achieve that perfect look:

Airwrap Dyson
The Airwrap is one styling tool that should be a part of your accessories kit, thanks to the salon-like hairstyle you achieve every time you use it. This tool works on damp or semi-dry hair, which is in contrast to traditional hair styling tools. The dryer comes as an attachment with the Airwrap; hence, you do not have to use any other styling tool here.

The base styler has six interchangeable attachments. These include the pre-styling dryer, a round brush to give volume to your tresses, two curling barrels, and two smoothing brushes, one has softer bristles, and the other has firmer bristles. The advanced tool has four curling barrels. Not just that, the Dyson Airwrap Styler comes in a trendy storage tan case, making it quite easy to store all the attachments and the main tool safely for next time.

Best features:

  • The Airwrap is a smart tool wherein the heat is intelligently controlled.
  • It is also easy to handle with user-friendly and easy-to-understand features.
  • The styler uses anti-static negative ions, which means it is kind to your mane. The power-driven airflow sucks the hair strands and styles them accordingly without exposing them to high heat conditions.
  • It can be used with ease on short and long hair.
  • This one-in-all device supports simultaneous straightening and curling. So, if you have frizzy hair, you can use this tool to straighten them. Meanwhile, people with straight hair can use this to curl their hair.
  • It’s almost noiseless.
  • The styling tool leaves your hair looking naturally smooth and healthy.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer
As the name suggests, this hair brush is perfect if you want that voluminous look on the second or the third day after a shampoo. Revlon’s one-step volumizer hair dryer will leave your hair shining and untangled. While its main feature is hair volume, the tool helps smooth the end of your tresses and, in the process, distributes the scalp oil till the hair ends. You would never need to use the normal blow dryer or a straightener once you get this home.

The one-step hair dryer has an oval-shaped barrel that is pretty large. Attached to it are tiny plastic-tipped bristles and boar bristles at the barrel base. There are heat holes just below the strands to allow cold or hot air to pass as you style your hair.

Best features:

  • It is simple to use. All you have to do is brush your hair and hold the shaft out or curl it in or up as you take it down gradually.
  • It styles your hair quite fast.
  • The result is quite impressive as the hair looks salon-styled smooth.

Mason Pearson Hair Brush
It’s no big surprise that the Mason Pearson hair brush was launched in 1885 and is still around. The brand has three types of hair brushes: one consists of only boar bristles, which are best for fine to normal hair. The second brush has a mix of boar and nylon bristles that is good for normal to thick hair, and the last one contains only nylon bristles making it ideal for thick hair.

This hair brush is one cult-classic hair styling tool you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This brush shows the best results when used on dry hair. This is one tool that you wouldn’t mind using even if you have dry hair because it leaves your hair looking moisturized and shiny. The boar bristles do the magic as they massage the scalp and spread the sebaceous oil released during exfoliation evenly across the hair shaft.

Best features:

  • The stylish design of the brush makes it a kind of timeless beauty.
  • The impressive quality of the brush makes it highly durable and sturdy.
  • They have different types of brushes for fine, normal, and thick hair.
  • They have different sizes, ranging from large-sized brushes to pocket-sized ones.
  • The brush goes through 18 stages, with many of the stages consisting of handwork like hand polishing and embossing.

Hair Steamer from Q-Redew
Use this hand-held tool to steam your hair and keep the tresses healthy and moisturized. Whether you have curls or straight hair, this one hydrates the hair shaft without exposing it directly to higher temperatures and heat. It is a must-have in your hair styling tool kit, as it keeps the hair strands nourished and looking good for a long time.

It is a patented product from Q-Redew. Use this tool to mist your hair, and apply nourishing products for your hair to look healthy, voluminous, and shiny. It also helps deep condition hair shafts and stretches and detangles effectively.

Best features:

  • It warms the entire hair shaft and softens it.
  • It is best suited for curly and wavy hair.
  • The device is portable.

Gift yourself these four hair styling tools so that you can style your hair how you wish. Moreover, you do not have to step outside your house or make an appointment with your hairstylist.