4 important things to consider when buying new tires

4 important things to consider when buying new tires

Tires are one of the crucial components of an automobile that demand your attention. The reason is apparent. They are the most exposed and hardworking parts regularly subjected to the ravages of weather. Using the right tires is crucial for sufficient grip on the road, and you cannot compromise. However, buying the right set is not easy. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing new tires:

Size of the tires
A lot depends on the tire size you choose for your vehicle. When you finally visit a shop after deciding to get new tires, the first questions the dealer will ask you will be about your vehicle’s model, structure, and age. Based on that, you will be recommended different tire sizes. You can choose large tires that fill your car’s wheels well or smaller ones at an economical cost.

Speed and load rating
Irrespective of the size you choose, ensure the tires have the correct speed rating. It is a rating that indicates how much speed they can handle. Choose ones that can tolerate your vehicle’s designated highest speed. Also, check their load rating or whether the tires can absorb your vehicle’s weight. When doing so, account for the weight of cargo and maximum passengers. You will find the speed and load rating in the sidewalls of the tires. If not, go through the owner’s print.

The right speed and load ratings ensure the tires can handle the speed and weight of the car. But these ratings cannot determine whether the tires can bear the ravages of rough roads with ever-fluctuating weather conditions. For that, you must consider their capability. This involves checking the tires’ performance, longevity, and handling on different surfaces. Despite sharing the same round shape and rubbery material, not all are made equal.

Manufacturers make unique tires for specific seasons of the year. There are mainly two kinds of tires in the market: winter and all-season. Winter tires are made with softer rubber and designed to provide a grip on snowy, slippery highways. On the other hand, all-season tires meet the requirements of vehicles with smooth handling and outstanding fuel efficiency. Do not get deceived by the name. They may be called all-season but are not as efficient for chilly weather conditions with slippery highways.

Changing tires frequently may prove costly in the long run. Besides, it is time-consuming. If you do not want to undergo this tedious process more often, spend on tires with a longer life span. This involves choosing ones with a tread that does not wear out quickly. Such tires are hard to find, so it would be best to do some research before diving into the task of tire purchasing. Go through user reviews online and opt for the highest-rated tires to ensure your vehicle runs long distances without damaging them.

Finding the right set of tires is far from a cakewalk. Yet you cannot compromise on this task as it can put your safety at risk. These tips will help you select the right tires. But before heading to the store, analyze your existing set. Do you really need a change?

How to check if you need new tires?
You need not be an expert auto mechanic to understand that safety comes first. However, before delving into purchasing a new set of tires and expending your hard-earned money, it is vital to determine whether your tires need replacement or not. For that, you must carefully observe your tires for wear and tear. Look into all five of them. Yes, you need to check the spare as well!

Apart from looking for damage, conduct a test to evaluate the tread depth of your tires. Some call it the penny test. Put a penny into the tire tread head-down, and ensure Lincoln’s head is pointing towards the center part of your tire. If the head does not partially hide into the tire, it is a sign your tire needs replacement. You can also approach a professional to assess your tire for further confirmation.

Which are the best brands for new tires?
If you are confused about picking a brand, here are a few you can trust:

  • Bridgestone
    It is among the world’s largest tire manufacturers and a go-to company for versatile and safe tires. At Bridgestone, you will find tires of different categories backed by an 80,000-mile warranty in several cases. You can shop by type of vehicle, such as minivans, light/medium trucks, etc.
  • Firestone
    Firestone is a household name when it comes to tires. If you have a light vehicle, like a small truck or an SUV, head to Firestone’s website. They have several quality tires to choose from and some of the best treadwear warranties on the market.
  • Michelin
    This will be a great choice if you are not bound by budget. At Michelin, you can buy tires not only for cars but also for trucks, bicycles, and even aircraft! They have received excellent ratings from customers.

Visit the websites of these brands to know more about their products. And do not forget to check out their discount schemes to save money.