4 Concert Tickets Booking Mistakes to Avoid

4 Concert Tickets Booking Mistakes to Avoid

Going to a concert is probably one of the several things that are on the bucket list of many. There used to be a time when people had to throng in front of the ticket counters to buy a ticket. However, nowadays, buying tickets for any event from online ticketing services like vivid seats is super easy. Though the ticket booking process has become easier now, people still make the following mistakes while booking the tickets.

Not comparing the ticket costs across various platforms
To ensure that the concert tickets are purchased at the best price, visiting multiple online ticketing platforms is important. Buying a pass from any random online ticket marketplace without checking for the rates on other sites can prove to be costly. Furthermore, visiting multiple platforms lets users find a ticket type that matches their budget. You need to note that if a site offers passes for a particular event at lower prices, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tickets for all other events listed in it will be cheaper than other ticketing platforms. Ensure you purchase it from a reliable site. You can find one by going through the customer reviews.

If you purchased tickets for the 2022 Vivid Seats events music tour, you may have enjoyed the entire experience. But, if this is your first time ordering a ticket, check out the 2023 music tickets at Vivid Seats. Check the website to see if there are any tickets left and for information on the performers. Also, they provide generous discounts and regular promotions for numerous concert tours. Simply follow them on social media to visit their landing page beforehand and ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Moreover, occasionally pre-sale event passes are also offered across various social media pages of the artist performing in the concert. Joining these pages can even help in getting affordable tickets. Furthermore, it is also significant to create a login along the website beforehand so that buying concert tickets is not time-consuming.

Not paying attention to the details of the concert
Before proceeding with ticket purchase, it is necessary to check the details of the concert, like the venue, date, and time, apart from just the cost of the pass. Many people make the mistake of booking tickets out of impulse when they hear from someone that a particular artist is performing in the city. Without checking for the particulars, they buy passes just relying on the information they received from others. In many cases, those who booked like this had to cancel the tickets because they only found out later that the time or venue was not convenient for them. So even if anyone tells you all the details about a concert, double-check it with the specifics provided on the ticket seller’s website. This will also allow you to plan your schedule accordingly. So, to avoid money loss, buy tickets only when it is convenient for you.

Booking tickets at the eleventh hour
People who book their concert tickets just before the event end up paying extra charges for the ticket. This is because the demand for tickets tends to soar just before the event. On the other hand, those buying tickets beforehand will get them at better rates which will help them save a lot of money. The sale of music event tickets in vivid seats commences months before the stipulated date of the event, so keeping a track of ticket availability in the early stages will assist in better planning and grabbing a better deal. One more trend is noticed with ticket selling: passes for famous concerts usually get out of stock within a few minutes of commencing the sale. So, be prepared and log in to the ticketing website at least 10 minutes before the vending starts.

Moreover, popular ticketing applications also provide automatic updates about tickets going on sale. You can use these applications and book at the lowest available price. Avoid refreshing the portal multiple times while booking concert tickets, as it might lead to the blocking of your IP address by the vendor. Instead, staying patient and waiting for the process to get over is important.

Most ticketing platforms have the feature of a virtual waiting room for buyers, so you can log in a bit earlier and find a place in the queue. This will help you avoid refreshing the website multiple times and losing the chance to get a pass.

Avoiding the ticket vendor’s application
Tickets can be easily bought through the app developed by the ticket vendor exclusively for this purpose or from the website managed by the seller. It is advantageous mainly because of two reasons; you can sometimes purchase the pass at a unique offer price, and the chances of getting it are much higher since apps are faster than websites. These apps often provide exclusive deals for regular customers. Additionally, buying tickets from the vendor’s website even helps save specific service charges that other platforms may impose additionally on the ticket. These apps also provide quick updates about any changes that can happen during the event or when the bookings will open.

Set multiple devices to start booking the moment the tickets are open for sale. Try to open different apps on each device and try from all. You can arrange for your family members or friends to operate other devices. This will help you secure a pass from at least one of the apps, even when the demand is high.

People sometimes tend to ignore the time of buying tickets. The demand for tickets also tends to surge during the weekend, so buying concert tickets on a working day will let you strike a pocket-friendly deal. Additionally, if you are looking to purchase tickets at a low price, then you can even consider attending the concert in a less populated town if the organizers have planned it at different venues.