16 Black Friday Cat Food Deals to Expect in 2023

16 Black Friday Cat Food Deals to Expect in 2023

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year, and it’s not just for big-ticket items like electronics and appliances. Pet owners looking to score some fantastic deals on cat food this Black Friday can find many premium cat food brands like Royal Canin, Whiskas, and Purina being heavily discounted. Based on past year trends, here are the top 10 Black Friday deals one can expect in different cat food categories.

Dry cat food
Dry cat food is a staple in many households with cats. On Black Friday, shoppers can expect discounts on large bags of dry cat food from well-known brands such as:

1. Inaba, Temptations, and Greenies discounted their dry food treats or kibble by up to 50%.

2. On the other hand, Chewy discounted their packs of lickable treats in different flavors, from chicken to scallops, by 46% through a promo code.

Wet cat food multipacks
Wet cat food can often be expensive, but Black Friday deals frequently include multipacks at a fraction of their regular cost. Shoppers should look for bulk offers on their preferred wet food brands to save money while ensuring their feline companions have a varied and enjoyable mealtime experience.

3. Last year, on Black Friday, Amazon gave a 28% discount on Catit Creamy, a versatile 50-treat lickable cat treat that could also serve as a food topper.

4. Chewy discounted a 20-pack of lickable puree tubes by nearly $20, allowing cat owners to treat their feline friends to moisture-rich snacks. This cat food came in four flavors: chicken, shrimp, chicken and cheese, and scallop and chicken.

5. The Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry and Beef wet cat food variety pack dropped from $22 to $19, offering a 13% discount.

Grain-free options
Black Friday often provides deals on specialized cat foods for cats with dietary restrictions or those who prefer grain-free options.

6. Last year’s Black Friday saw 40% off on Blue Buffalo’s crunchy grain-free cat treats. Shoppers might receive exclusive promotions on grain-free varieties from various manufacturers, allowing them to cater to their cats’ specific dietary needs.

Canned cat food
Shoppers can expect steep markdowns on single cans and multipacks, including premium varieties.

7. Weruva, for instance, discounted its chicken canned food by up to 25% on Black Friday last year. Retailers often provide additional discounts or perks for customers who sign up for auto-delivery or loyalty programs, making it an opportune time to establish a regular supply of canned cat food.

Health-specific cat food
For cats with specific medical needs that require doctor-recommended foods, Black Friday can be an opportunity to save money. One can watch for discounts on health-specific cat food at pet supply stores and online retailers, which can help alleviate the financial strain of caring for a cat with special dietary requirements.

8. As an example from last year, Purina ProPlan offered a substantial 40% discount on cat-specific vitamin supplies.

9. Alternatively, Novartis Capstar provided an 18% price drop on its 6-pack of digestible flea-fighting supplies tailored for adult cats.

10. Royal Canin was another brand that offered 50% off on its product for adult cats to boost their metabolism.

11. Whiskas was another brand to discount their special care food packages for hair fall and skin irritation by up to 30%.

Cat food subscription services
Some cat food delivery services like JustFoodForCats and USDA-certified Smalls offer customizable cat food subscription services, delivering cats’ favorite foods right to their owners’ doorsteps.

12. During Black Friday, shoppers may find reduced subscription box prices, free delivery, and even special offers of up to 60% off or more for first-time subscribers, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Kitten food
Tailored to meet the unique requirements of developing kittens, renowned brands such as IAMS, Royal Canin, and Purina Pro Plan provide specialized kitten nutrition.

13. Based on the previous year’s sale, it’s likely that Black Friday will showcase enticing promotions, potentially offering savings of up to 35% on premium kitten dry and wet food selections.

Freeze-dried cat food
Freeze-dried cat food is a moisture-removed raw food with a long shelf life, ideal for pet owners seeking highly nutritious and long-lasting cat food.

14. Black Friday sales have historically featured discounts of up to 25% or more on this cat food type at PetSmart, Petco, Amazon, and other retailers. One can expect similar discounts on trusted brands like Primal, Whiskas, Stella & Chewy’s this year.

Raw cat food
Raw cat food, crafted from uncooked ingredients like meat, organs, and occasionally vegetables, aligns with a cat’s natural meal plan. Typically offered in frozen or refrigerated forms, it requires thawing before serving.

15. Past Black Friday promotions saw Chewy offering direct discounts of up to 50% on raw cat food, a $30 gift card for purchases over $100, and free delivery. One can expect similar ground-breaking discounts this year.

Cat food accessories
In addition to cat food, Black Friday offers an excellent opportunity to acquire cat food accessories at a discount, such as food storage containers, automatic feeders, automatic pet food dispensers, or specialized bowls.

16. Chewy offered a “buy three get fourth free” on its cat food accessories supplies and regular price drops. They also offered up to 35% off on first orders and an additional 5% off afterward.