15 Hidden Samsung Watch Hacks To Try Right Now

15 Hidden Samsung Watch Hacks To Try Right Now

Wearable technology is ever-evolving, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch series is amongst the top ones ruling the market. Samsung’s latest additions of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 have improved the overall smartwatch experience with newly introduced features and functionalities, some of which have remained hidden to users. Here are 15 lesser-known yet highly beneficial Samsung watch hacks that have the potential to revolutionize the way one interacts with one’s smartwatch.

Hidden Samsung watch hacks to try
1. Activate hidden “Developer Options”
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 have hidden developer mode that allows users to control a range of systems and parameters. To access this mode, users can navigate to “Settings,” then select “About Watch,” and tap on “Software Version” five times. This action unlocks the “Developer Options” section in Settings, enabling a deeper level of customization and control over various settings, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the smartwatch.

2. Adjust watch animation
Users can modify the animation speed on their Samsung Watch through the ‘Animator Duration Scale’ in the Developer Options. This setting allows one to make animations appear either faster or slower, according to one’s preference.

3. Transition animation control
This setting, found in the hidden developer options, governs the transitions within the smartwatch’s interface. It affects actions like returning to the home screen or switching between app screens.

4. Enhance page switching
Through the adjustable ‘Window Animation Scale’ option in the settings, one can alter the speed at which one moves between different pages on one’s watch, providing a more personalized experience for navigation.

5. Stay awake when charging
This is another added feature in the newer Galaxy watches. Once activated, the smartwatch screen stays on even when one is charging the device and actively turns it into a desk clock.

6. Auto-Navigation
Samsung Galaxy Watches offer an auto-navigation feature that seamlessly launches navigation modes for driving, walking, or cycling. For instance, if one opens walking navigation on one’s smartphone, the watch will automatically sync and display that navigation on one’s wrist.

7. Track back during workouts
Exclusive to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro version, this feature is designed for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. One can turn on either cycling or hiking workout on the watch and activate “track back.” This feature enables one to navigate one’s way back along the exact path one came from, ensuring one does not get lost during outdoor adventures.

8. Pause workout
One can use this feature by holding down the back key on the watch to temporarily pause workout tracking. This ensures precise data collection while accommodating brief breaks in one’s exercise routines.

9. Control other devices
When a user downloads the SmartThings App onto their Samsung watch, they unlock a host of new features. The addition of new tiles expands their device control capabilities. Scrolling to the end of these tiles reveals “Individual device control,” which empowers one to manage other Samsung products, like televisions, directly from their watch. Similarly, the “Multi-control” tile allows one to control and oversee multiple devices from a single, convenient tile.

10. Customize app notifications
To manage spam email notifications on their watch, users can customize their notification settings. This feature allows individuals to select which apps send notifications to their watch and control the level of information displayed on the screen.

11. Temperature measure
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has enabled thermocheck. One can check the surrounding temperature, even in water, by activating this new “Temperature” feature. Submerging the watch in the water allows the sensors to provide accurate readings. This functionality can be utilized to check the temperature of the sea, a pool, or even one’s coffee.

12. Acts as a camera remote control
As a noteworthy feature, the watch serves as a remote control for the phone’s camera. Users can easily zoom in and out by turning the bezel, making it a convenient tool for capturing photos and videos remotely.

13. Read notifications aloud
Users can configure their watch to read notifications aloud, with the option to choose between “read briefly” and “read in detail.” It’s important to note that this feature is operational only when headphones are connected to the watch. This functionality proves particularly valuable during workouts or situations where one cannot easily access the device.

14. Detect falls
One notable feature of the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches is its fall detection capability. Using motion sensors, the watch can determine if the wearer has experienced a significant fall, potentially signaling a dangerous situation. This feature offers an added layer of safety for the user.

15. Decline calls with a gesture
This handy feature seen in Galaxy Watch 6 allows users to decline calls and silence alerts using a simple hand gesture. By activating the ‘Dismiss alerts and calls’ option, individuals can rotate their wrists twice to reject incoming calls, which eliminates the need to touch the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 sees some upgrades in features, including the Sleep Message system and Sleep Score Analysis that provide detailed metrics on one’s sleep quality. It is also believed that software updates may see some of these exclusive features added to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy 5.