15 Fitness and Wellness Trends of 2023

15 Fitness and Wellness Trends of 2023

With increasing numbers of people prioritizing health and wellness, the fitness sector has been booming like never before. Several new as well as traditional fitness and wellness trends have been gaining traction across the globe. This is because there has been a seamless merger between the online and real-world as people pick up routines that use advanced technology while simultaneously taking them outdoors. Here are a few fitness and wellness trends to be explored.

Wearable technology
Wearable technologies have been trending for quite some time. Now, they are far more advanced and intuitive. From fitness trackers to smartwatches, these devices have become far more capable of storing personalized data to help keep track of fitness goals. Furthermore, these wearable techs can now be connected with several apps to have synchronized and fully connected workout experiences.

Strength training using free weights
Strength training has steadily become one of the leading fitness trends in recent years. Its popularity is because it is flexible enough to incorporate different routines. These include using weights, elastic bands, dumbbells, and weighted knuckles for full-body workouts to build resistance, strength, and core.

Bodyweight training
Bodyweight training involves using the body’s entire weight as resistance to perform different types of movements ranging from simple to complex. These movements can include running, push-ups, chin-ups, and even lunges. To do these, there is very minimal equipment required. Also known as calisthenics, this type of training is used to target large muscle groups.

Functional fitness training
Functional fitness training is best for those who like to make their body for everyday activities. Thus, it involves repeating the movements that you do on a day-to-day basis in a high-intensity and high-energy environment. The goal is to make the body stronger and fitter to do daily tasks such as bending over to pick up something or having a firmer grip to haul groceries.

Outdoor recreation activities
This is one of the most popular fitness trends among adventure-oriented people. Heading outdoors to pursue recreational activities such as skiing, paddling, surfing, snowboarding, etc., is now an innovative way to stay fit and healthy. What people most love about these activities is that they offer the opportunity to get away while working on fitness goals.

High-Intensity Interval Training
Also known as HIIT, this fitness routine incorporates several multiple rounds of high-intensity workouts. Each routine lasts several minutes, interspersed with brief intervals in between consisting of low-intensity movements. This form of workout is great for cardio as it elevates the heart rate to at least 80% of the maximum heart rate.

Training through certified fitness professionals
Another emerging fitness trend is training through certified fitness professionals. They are usually consulted for the personalized training programs that they offer based on personal goals and requirements. In addition, their services are sought by those taking up fitness workouts for the first time since having certified professionals on standby ensures a safe way of handling workout equipment.

Micro workouts
These are concise and quick workout sessions that emerged through social media. These include one-minute dances, fitness challenges, or any other challenges that get you moving. Most people love these short workouts because they are not time-bound; you can do them whenever or wherever you are.

Biotech wellness tools
Regarding wellness, there has been a rise in the use of electronic tools and gadgets to keep track of several health-related parameters, such as blood sugar levels. Plus, more people are using biotech skincare tools such as red light therapy devices and microcurrent facial tools, whereas a professional appointment was needed earlier.

Exercise recovery
While several high-intensity workout routines are in vogue, there is also the emerging trend of emphasizing exercise recovery. This wellness area has become popular with the availability of recovery tools such as massage therapy guns, air compression boots, and so on. With more people seeking to do exercise recovery, gyms, and wellness clubs are focusing on expanding their amenities to include this wellness activity.

Sleep synching
With more people complaining about disrupted sleeping patterns, this has become a viral wellness trend in the past couple of years. Using apps and devices to help you track your sleep and monitor your sleep patterns, you can tune your body’s natural circadian rhythm to lower anxiety and stress. These apps also provide feedback on how you can improve your sleep routine.

Cold water therapy
Often used by athletes to relieve muscle soreness and recover faster, cold water therapy is now a trending fitness and wellness routine that many are adopting in their daily lives. It involves taking cold showers or dipping the body in water, which is chilly. Benefits of this routine include lower inflammation, better immune systems, and better emotional health.

Wellness travel
Vacations are no longer reserved for exploring a new place, food, and culture. Now, many people are planning their breaks aligned with wellness goals involving relaxation, well-being, and self-improvement. Yoga retreats, meditation workshops, and wellness festivals across the globe are highly popular among those looking for wellness-oriented travel destinations.

Assisted stretching
Stretching has always been an essential aspect of being physically fit. But muscle spasms and stiffness have become common complaints for those with a highly sedentary lifestyle. With assisted stretching, professionals help in pushing the body in the ways it is unable to. This greatly helps reduce stress, increase flexibility, and decrease body stiffness.

Facial yoga
This is another fitness and wellness trend made popular by social media. It involves using massage techniques and facial movements to exercise the various muscles of the face to have firmer and healthier facial muscles. To do these routines, no professionals are needed since several yoga apps and video tutorials are available online.

Now that you know this year’s most popular fitness trends, which one are you keen on picking? Regardless, stick to a proper schedule, plan and eat healthy, well-balanced meals, and be consistent with your workouts.