10 Types of Internet Services Deals to Look Out for During Black Friday 2023

10 Types of Internet Services Deals to Look Out for During Black Friday 2023

The Black Friday season brings discounts on big-ticket products like appliances, furniture, and electronics, as well as lesser-known categories like internet services. Whether looking to switch providers or upgrade an existing plan, one can snag many unbeatable bargains during this time. These deals lead to significant savings, which can be used for other purposes. Here are the popular types of internet service deals providers are expected to offer during Black Friday 2023.

Discounts on internet plans
Several internet service providers roll out irresistible discounts on select plans every Black Friday. These discounts lower the prices by $20/month or more. This year, too, consumers can hope to save big on their internet bills. The holiday season sale is the perfect time to get a high-speed 5G internet plan, switch to an unlimited internet plan at low prices, upgrade the current service, or switch to another internet service provider.

Free modem or router upgrade deals
Many customers are forced to purchase modems and routers while buying internet plans, which often have a high price tag. Luckily, during the holiday sale season, many service providers offer free router or modem upgrades as part of their Black Friday deals. Shoppers can take home the latest high-speed modem or 5G-enabled home Wi-Fi equipment without breaking the bank.

Free reward cards and devices
These kinds of deals sell out quickly, so one should act fast when the sale begins. Many providers offer reward cards to existing as well as new customers when they sign up for select plans. Last year, reward cards worth $100 to $200 were rolled out! What’s more? Some customers got free smart home devices like the Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub with premium internet plans.

Free months of service
Several leading internet providers are known to offer a few months of free service every year during the Black Friday sale. These free offers are usually bundled with select internet plans and available in particular locations where the provider has its services. For shoppers, this means significant savings on signing up for a long-term contract.

Extended trial periods
For those reluctant about signing up for long-term internet contracts, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to try out new services. Many big providers offer extended trial periods, letting customers test their services well before deciding. All of this can be done at the bare minimum price points.

Streaming service bundles
For many people, the holidays aren’t complete without Christmas movie marathons. Whether one’s looking forward to watching their favorite holiday movies with their family, friends, or alone, having access to streaming services can be a big bonus. During Black Friday, internet providers bundle popular streaming services with their internet plans. As a result, customers save on both internet bills and their favorite entertainment platforms for at least a year.

Speed upgrades without extra cost
The holiday shopping season is the right time to upgrade internet speeds. There are two benefits to this. First, high-speed internet ensures one can grab deals pretty quickly. Second, a speed upgrade can be obtained at a fraction of the original price. Several service providers roll out Black Friday promotions that offer faster speeds for the same price.

Feature upgrades and add-on plans
Last year, Black Friday helped customers get faster and unlimited internet for less. But that’s not all. Many service providers gave add-ons and upgrades at discounted prices. These upgrades included features like cloud storage and enhanced security. Consumers can look out for similar deals on Black Friday 2023.

Discounted installation fees
During last year’s holiday sales, several internet companies offered installation services at discounted prices. Those planning to switch service providers or get on a new connection should look for similar deals in the coming months. Installation fee waivers and discounts help people sign up for a better plan while staying within budget. One can look forward to a hassle-free setup process without paying extra.

Referral discounts
Some internet service providers offer referral discounts during the holiday sales. If one refers a friend or family member to the same ISP, both can avail of exclusive discounts on their monthly bills and enjoy additional perks. This can be a great way to save money and spread some holiday cheer.