10 mistakes to avoid when purchasing a new smartphone

10 mistakes to avoid when purchasing a new smartphone

Smartphones are probably the highest-selling gadget on the market. Most people cannot do without one in this fast-paced digital life. However, purchasing a smartphone is not an easy task. As it is a long-term investment, you cannot afford to go wrong with it. Many end up buying a device that is not up to the mark and then struggle to use it. Here are ten smartphone buying mistakes you must avoid at all costs:

Selecting the wrong size
One of the most common mistakes people make is choosing the wrong size. Such mistakes happen when you are not sure about the purpose of your phone. While some people want a bigger screen to watch movies or read books, others want a smaller one to fit into their pocket. To find a suitable one, visit a showroom and hold different model sizes in your hand. Then shortlist the ones that feel the most comfortable.

Getting tempted by TV commercials
Advertisements are supposed to draw your attention to a particular product. Unsurprisingly then, advertisers highlight a product’s good side. It is up to you not to get tempted by the flawless light and angles they use to enhance a phone’s appearance. Be sure about what you want to have on your phone and conduct thorough research. There is no point in purchasing a smartphone if it does not fulfill your requirements and only looks attractive.

Sticking to well-known brands
Many select a smartphone brand just because it is popular. However, well-known companies are not necessarily the best. Other brands may provide the same features at a far more reasonable price. So, widen your horizons and search for brands that not only offer the latest features but also take care of your budget.

Ignoring the storage space offered
The amount of storage plays a vital role in determining the cost of a smartphone. While a device with more extensive storage may cost more, it is very much worth the price. Those who buy phones with less storage space end up deleting photos and apps to keep it running. If you do not have a big budget, consider getting a separate storage card. But ensure the chosen model has the slot to insert it.

Buying from the first available store
Avoid rushing to make a purchase just because you find a phone that fits all your needs in the very first showroom you spot. It is better to do some research than regret it later. Search that phone on the internet to know whether it has received positive reviews. Also, conduct additional research to determine whether other stores offer better deals.

Purchasing at the wrong time
If the smartphone you intend to buy is an old model, say by a year or two, it would be better to search the internet to see if a new update is expected to be released soon. If the answer is positive, wait for some time until it is launched. Also, try to purchase during the holiday season when there are discounts or offers. It will ensure you get the newer model at a lower price.

Not purchasing a case
You may handle your new smartphone with care, but accidents happen, and the device can slip from your hands. If it falls to the ground because of some mishap, it can lead to scratches or a damaged screen. A phone case or cover can protect your phone from such incidents. So, if you want your smartphone to last longer, do not forget to purchase a phone case.

Buying a costly phone insurance
Insurance for smartphones becomes necessary if you tend to lose or misplace your phone very often. If you are sure of storing your phone safely at all times, purchasing costly phone insurance is unnecessary. Instead, you can aim to save that money for future emergency expenses. Or, you can use it to repair your smartphone in the future.

Selecting an outdated phone
If your phone is new, so should its operating system! Old operating systems are often slow and may not be as secure with your data as the latest system. They may also not support new applications. Therefore, it is recommended to always compare the prices of phones with old and new operating systems. If the costs of the old and new models do not vary much, it is better to select the new one.

Focusing only on the price
Price may be one of the influential factors in selecting a suitable smartphone, but it is not the only one. Spending some more money can get you a phone with the latest updates. Remember that this is a long-term investment, and you do not want to keep buying new phones unless there is no other option. So, along with the price, also account for the features of your smartphone.

Purchasing a new smartphone can be a far more hassle-free affair if you are sure what you want it to do for you. Once your purchase objective is clear, remember the points mentioned and avoid these smartphone buying mistakes to save money and get the best out of the device.