10 essential cleaning tools every home should have

10 essential cleaning tools every home should have

If you’re planning to move to a new place or simply want to upgrade your cleaning supplies, there are some essential tools that you should keep within reach. These items will simplify your cleaning tasks and reduce your stress levels. Whether you enjoy cleaning or not, possessing these necessary tools will enhance your productivity and speed. Moreover, they are affordable and won’t put a dent in your wallet. Read on to learn more.

Microfiber dusters
Cleaning delicate and breakable items such as photo frames, light fixtures, and other knick-knacks with a cloth can be tricky. If you use a cloth, you know how troublesome it is to wipe it. To avoid damaging these delicate items while cleaning, use microfiber dusters. These are made of fine microfiber strands that lift off dust easily. Moreover, these are light and fluffy. You can simply use the handle to clean off everything without moving them. So there is no risk of breaking or damaging.

Pan scrapers
Sometimes you may forget to grease a baking dish or set a timer while cooking. This could lead to food residue sticking to the bottom of the pan with such intensity that aggressive scrubbing also does not help. Instead of wasting time scrubbing repeatedly, pan scrapers are an efficient way to clean a pan. All you need is some soap and hot water. Scrape the pan with these scrapers before putting them in the dishwasher. The scrapers are versatile enough to be used for any type of pot or pan.

Power scrubber
Also known as a drill brush set, these are great for getting rid of stains, dust, or anything else. These have brushes and sponges attached to a drill. So instead of using elbow grease, you can use the high-speed drill to make your shower squeaky clean quicker than ever. Moreover, these are quite versatile as well. So apart from the shower, you can also use these for cleaning bathroom surfaces, grout, marble, upholstery, car detailing, wheels, tile, toilet, sinks, swimming pool, and carpet.

Spaghetti sponges
Your regular dishwashing sponges need to be changed every couple of months or sometimes even earlier. If you are tired of this cycle, get a pair of spaghetti sponges. These are made from natural abrasive materials such as peach pits and corn cobs. Thus, they are environmentally friendly. Moreover, they are very pliable. So you can use them to reach any hard-to-get cornets of your dishes, pans, and pots. Also, they last for as long as three months.

Wool dryer balls
The often-used dryer sheets leave residue on the towels, making them less absorbent. They are also known to clog the lint trap of your dryer. If you wear active-wear outfits, you may have observed that the dryer sheets have dampened the moisture-wicking qualities of these outfits. Wool dryer balls are perfect alternatives for these sheets. Made from premium wool, these dryer balls reduce static cling on your clothes, making them softer and fluffier.

Magic erasers
When you need to remove tough stains from soft surfaces, magic erasers are the right cleaning tools you need. These powerful yet delicately abrasive sponges are made from melamine foam. This is why these are gentle to use on almost every surface, including paint on walls. Moreover, magic erasers are all-purpose tools that you can use to clean sneakers, stains on clothes, grease, marker scribbles, and scuff marks. All you need to do is moisten it and wipe it.

These little cleaning tools are another must-have for keeping bathroom and kitchen surfaces free from mildew and mold. You can also use these for cleaning all your windows. A great trick to get the most out of these is to keep the blade well-protected from damage. Make sure to use and store them properly so that the blade remains intact all the time. If the squeegee leaves streaks behind on the surface while cleaning, it’s time to change it.

Sliding door track cleaning brush
If you are in a spot to clean the trickiest parts of your house, which are the tracks of sliding windows and doors, this handy cleaning tool is for you. It looks like a pipe cleaner but is highly useful for many purposes. You can use it to clean off the dirt and dust that collects on the track of your sliding doors and windows. The bristles of this brush are usually quite stiff. So you can easily scrub hard without worrying about damaging and scratching the metal on your window or door frame. Also, most of these brushes come in triangular shapes, so you can quickly get to the corners of the window sills.

Flexible drain snake
One of the most disliked parts of any cleaning routine is cleaning clogged drains and pipes. But having a set of flexible drain snakes makes it quicker to get done with this annoying chore. These drain snakes are usually designed to be multi-toothed and are barded. Moreover, they are quite flexible to bend around pipes of any shape or size. So whether you want to remove hair from shower drains or debris from the kitchen sink pipe, a flexible drain snake is what you need.

Microwave steam cleaner
This is a handy cleaning tool you must have at home. Cleaning your microwave can be a hassle if there are too many splatters and spills from sauces, gravies, etc. This steamer will ease your work. You just need to fill it with water and vinegar, place it in the oven, and run it for a few minutes. The steamer will release steam from the top and loosen up all crud inside the oven. All you need to do is wipe off the oven later.