10 Black Friday Washer and Dryer Deals to Look Forward To In 2023

10 Black Friday Washer and Dryer Deals to Look Forward To In 2023

Owning a washer and dryer helps one better control over their laundry cycle. These machines, however, can be rather expensive. That said, with Black Friday around the corner, many brands are gearing up to host exciting deals on their appliances. Now may be the perfect time to invest in a laundry solution to upgrade the home. Inspired by last year’s sales, here are 10 deals on washers and dryers to expect on Black Friday 2023.

Front-load washing machines
Front-load washing machines have a door at the front of the unit, and a horizontal drum. In case of restricted space, it can easily be stacked on top of a front-load drying unit. Top deals on front-load washing machines on Black Friday 2022 included:

1. Samsung’s high-efficiency stackable steam cycle front-load washer hosted a whopping 35% discount, bringing its price down to $648. It can easily clean a 15-pound load and is equipped with an allergen cycle to kill germs and dust mites.

2. LG also offered a 33% discount on its stackable smart washer. Originally $1199, customers could get it for just $798 on Black Friday. The model has 10 different wash cycles, with one that is equipped to clean clothes in just 15 minutes.

Top-load washing machines
As the name suggests, top-load washing machines have a door on top of the unit that can be used to load or unload the machine. It has a vertical drum that is capable of deep water washing and soaking. They tend to be cheaper in comparison to front-load washing machines. However, they cannot be stacked on top of a dryer. Last year, these brands offered significant discounts on their top-load washing machines:

3. GE’s high-efficiency Impeller Top-load washer was offered at a 35% discount, bringing its price down to $848. The appliance has a luxurious finish and is equipped with a unique automatic detergent dispenser that can hold up to 50 lbs of detergent.

4. LG’s TurboWash High-Efficiency Impeller Top Load washer is another appealing option for many. The appliance was marked down by 30%, bringing its price down to $748 at major retailers like Home Depot.

Stacked laundry center
Stacked laundry centers usually feature a washer and dryer built into one continuous frame. They are a great fit for smaller spaces and are generally a budget option compared to getting separate washing and drying machines. However, the units cannot be separated later. Some of the most notable deals on stacked laundry centers on Black Friday 2022 included:

5. Instead of buying a washer and dryer separately, one could opt for LG’s WashTower Electric Stacked Laundry Center. This modern laundry solution is perfect for saving energy and time. For Black Friday 2022, some retailers offered this center at a 26% discount, bringing its price down to $1798.

6. Alternatively, buyers could get a stackable front-load washer and dryer. Samsung’s Bespoke Ultra Capacity Washer and Dryer set was a great choice at sales last year, as the company offered a 41% discount on the set, bringing its price down to $1948 (originally $3298).

Washer and dryer combo
A combo washer and dryer has the capability of carrying out the washing and drying in the same machine. It eliminates the need for making two separate purchases. Most washer-dryer combos generally feature a front-load design and provide a compact, space-saving laundry solution for all homes. However, they may have less capacity in comparison to other stand-alone designs. Some of the top deals on washer-dryer combos last year included:

7. Buyers could save 10% on GE’s compact all-in-one washer-dryer combo. Originally $1399, the appliance was on sale for $1259.

8. Although its regular price is $2299, LG marked down its energy-efficient and spacious washer-dryer combo for Black Friday, bringing its price down to $1775.

Portable washing machines
In small apartments, buying a washer-dryer setup may mean saying goodbye to precious space. In such cases, a portable washing machine is ideal. These machines are the smallest laundry solution and can be stowed away in a closet when not in use. They also feature an inlet hose that can connect to kitchen or bathroom faucets for convenient water drainage. However, they often have a smaller capacity as compared to other washers and dryers. They may also not be ideal for washing bulkier items like quilts and comforters. The best deals on portable washing machines on Black Friday last year included:

9. Black and Decker offered a 12% discount on their portable washing machine, bringing its price down to just $250. The machine is equipped with five wash cycles, three water levels, and an LED display.

10. Another exciting deal came from Panda. The brand marked down their portable washer to $234 (originally $298). Ideal for smaller spaces like RVs and apartments, this washer offers efficient cleaning with 10 different washing programs, despite its small size.